The Elephants: “Tart” (demo)

While I think there might be a couple other indie bands floating around with elephant themed names, The Elephants that I’ll be talking about are the ones from Lexington, KY. Jason Zavala heads up this quirky pop band, which has quickly become a staple of our musical community.

MP3: The Elephants – Tart (demo)
The Elephants are weird. Not in the Michael Jackson way, mind you. Rather, it’s weird that they don’t really have a standard sound. Every time they write a new batch of songs, they usually sound quite different from their last set. “Tart” is a little bit of some ‘classic’ indie bands all mixed together. They’ve got some build-ups and instrumental portions that remind me of an early Velvet Underground. And while you might think I’m crazy, Jason’s melody – and to a certain extent, vocals – remind me a bit of David Bowie. Hopefully the final version will be as nice as this demo’s potential indicates.

The Elephants on Myspace

BONUS MP3: Maupin and Zavala – Go ‘Way From My Window
When I spoke to Jason, he told me this would eventually turn into an Elephants song. But on the new ‘Know Your Own’ Lexington bands compliation cd (available at CD Central), it’s listed as ‘Maupin and Zavala.’ I assume Maupin is the pianist. Either way, it sounds like this song walked right out a broadway musical. The curious part is that Jason’s got some killer range. Those who’ve seen them live will no doubt remember his killer high range.

Sorry for the delayed post today. I fell asleep on the couch last night while watching my tape of Arrested Development’s finale. Repeat viewings are great! But now I’m back at UK, so I’ll be posing like a mad man again. Actually, let me correct that a bit. I’ll be posting regularly. I’ve got four exams, three papers and three concerts this week (Matt Pond PA, Sigur Ros, Carlos D/Parlour Boys). So I’ll be a little busy.

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  1. I just have to say, even if this is rather irrelevant, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for blogging about the Parlour Boys a while back. I’ve just fallen in love with the two songs (Lovers and Sick Friends) I’ve found from them, and am incredibly jealous that you’re going to see them live!

  2. i’m a little jealous that you’ve got your January EP on your iPod…mine still hasn’t come…hmm…

    i’m also a lil’ jealous that you get to see Sigur Ros. Have fun!!

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