I have the best father in the world. I called to tell him that I wasn’t going to be getting home until around midnight and asked if he could tape the two hour season (series?) finale of Arrested Development. Even though he and I are pretty bad with our VCR, sure enough, I came home to find that the entire thing had been taped and was waiting for me.

But Arrested Development wasn’t the only thing I had waiting for me at home. Apparently half the people who send me stuff are still mailing it to my home address. So I had a mound of CDs waiting for me in my room. Some were strange, others were ones I knew I’d want (the new Of Montreal EP!) and some were welcome surprises. Case in point, Skeleton by Figurines.

MP3: Figurines – The Wonder
MP3: Figurines – Rivalry
I remember doing a report on Denmark in middle school. I learned a lot of facts that stuck with me far longer than they needed to. For instance, did you know that their flag alledgedly came from Heaven? Also, there’s a nice statue of the Ariel there, since Hans Christian Anderson lived there (note: these facts might not be true – they’re off the top of my head at 2am).

So how come I didn’t find any mention of Denmark’s thriving music community in all my research? Granted, it was like six years ago, but you’d think there would be some mention. Figurines are a wonderful combination of a couple different musical styles. Vocally they’re a bit Built to Spillish; but instrumentally they remind me of Interpol, had they listened to more Wire. Their album Skeleton will debut in the US on March 7th.

The Figurines’ official site

So who watched the season/series(?) finale of Arrested Development? Unfortunately for me, it was the first I’d seen of the third season – I had to read episode reviews online. But still, I thought it was a pretty good way to end the series. Sure, some things seemed a bit rushed. For example, the whole relations thing in the last episode probably would have taken four more episodes to be completely explained. All in all, I was happy with it. In a way, I hope that that’s the end for the series. They did a great job of tying up all the loose ends, and had a season finale that was better than most others can muster. Your thoughts?

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  1. I thought the Arrested Development finale was brilliant. I always find it amazing how that show can make even the most insignificant plot point become significant. And I didn’t feel the end was rushed. The writers were aware that they had four episodes to tie the entire series together, which is rare for a cancelled TV show; most of the time the network will just pull the plug with no more than an episode’s notice (see: Firefly, which had about five unaired episodes on the DVD set). So I think FOX did pretty well there. I hate them for cancelling the show, but I appreciate the fact that they let the show end on a high note. Even if it was in a Friday night timeslot. Against the Olympics.

    And as much as it pains me, I believe this will be the full series finale. I’ve heard from a couple sources that certain members of the creative staff (including Hurwitz, the creator himself) don’t feel like continuing the show on Showtime or another cable network, stating that they’re worn out from the drama from FOX and that they feel the show has run its course. I think that the two-hour “season” finale shows this – they brought the entire show together. It really gave a nice feeling of completion.

    PS: I legitimately almost shed a tear when Ron Howard narrated, “This was Arrested Development.”

  2. Figurines reminded me of Arcade Fire when I bought the album last year. As a Dane I’m happy to see all the positive mentioning the band is getting now!

    Btw – Those facts about Denmark are pretty accurate. The statue of Ariel is quite nice, but VERY small :-)

  3. I completely forgot it was on.

    Damnit. It was one of my favorite shows, but the way Fox treated it this season made me completely forget that it was still on.

    Oh well.

    I’ll just wait until it comes out on DVD and buy it like I did the other seasons.

  4. I loved the Arrested Development finale. I really don’t want that to be the end for the series, but if it was, then it was a mighty fine end. Arrested Development, I will miss you :'(

  5. It was the first I’d seen of the third season as well (with the exception of the last 5 minutes of a Cahrlize Thereon episdoe one time) so though I was going solely on the recap my friend gave me at lunch yesterday, it didn’t matter much. It was great, and I love them far too much. (I also liked that Rob Riggle made an appearance…I’m a bit too addicted to SNL, especially since it’s not even good anymore). But so anywqay, I was really, really hoping it wouldn’t be THE END, but I knew it was over once they were on the ship during the last episode. Everything was resolved, and it ended with “on the epilogue,” so as much as I’d have liked it to get picked up by showtime, at this point there’s no way it can be and still be decent, with the plot net seeming compltel forced.

  6. it was pretty good, i thought they could’ve played out the whole nellie thing and some of the other storylines too. hopefully, its not the end of the series and showtime picks it up

  7. he he yup, the facts about Denmark are correct, sorta anyway:)…and now we are famous for offending the entire muslim world, great…

    But I too as a dane am glad to see Figurines getting some attention overseas, they deserve it…although i liked their first album “Shake a Mountain” better than “Skeletons”, it has some pretty amazing songs on there…theyve taking some bashing on in the “indieworld” here for just being a Built to spill and Modest Mouse ripoff:)…but they write great songs, so who cares….very good live band too

  8. It was a great finale. I loved all the refrences to episode one in the last. one. I’m still in denial it’s gone. I hope showtime picks it up.

  9. am i the only person left alive in the western hemisphere that has not seen this television show?

    the figurines tracks are good, your description was pretty tight.

    i’m off to read about this show…

  10. Finally got around to watching the AD finale last night after Of Montreal. I’ll miss the Bluths. I think brian said most of what needs to be said. At least we got resolution. Hmph.

  11. I am a fan of AD and I must say it was brilliant and sad and very final. I did shed a tear when “This was Arrested Devlopment” was said. I thought everything was perfect and in true AD fashion, down to the smallest characters coming into play. I would like to see it continue, but thats just me being selfish. Deep down I know that the best thing for the show is it ending right now. I feel a bit like the show recieved a hero’s funeral because many shows that have been on for two and a half years get cancelled without a mention but AD was different and it went out with its head held high and a boat chase.

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