The Paper Scissors: “We Don’t Walk”

What a curious little song this is. The only point of reference that I can offer you is that it sounds like Architecture in Helsinki covering LCD Soundsystem. Like I said, kinda strange.

MP3: The Paper Scissors – We Don’t Walk
The vocals on this song aren’t the best. I think they’ve got some weird post-punky reverb on it. Aside from that, this is a decent enough song. Like I said, it bears a strange resemblance to LCD Soundsystem insomuch as it’s got a nice bassline and a bunch of weird instruments randomly being hit.

The Paper Scissors on Myspace

Like I said, there will be a wonderfully large concert tomorrow in Lexington at Underlying Themes. The Elephants, Robert Schneider and Petticoat, Petticoat are all doing sets, as are a couple others. Tomorrow I’ll be posting songs by some local bands, and hope to eventually get some interviews done.

Sorry for the short post. I’ve got to get some things done before I run off to Office Space at the theater tonight!

6 thoughts on “The Paper Scissors: “We Don’t Walk””

  1. Hey.
    a. Thnaks for putting our tune on your blog.

    b. I’ll have you know that This track is only a rough preliminary mix and has not been mastered and yes I’m not happy with the vocal sound either.
    Thanks again-
    Jai Pyne- singer/guitarist/producer- The Paper Scissors

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