New Features Demo: “Drawing Board”

I’ve been a fan of the Features ever since I saw them last semester at CD Central/The Dame. Their songwriting is a wonderful mix of the raw power of the blues and a poetic romanticism that I can’t ignore. Currently, these Tennesseeians (sic?) are in the studio recording on their new album and will be hitting the road soon. If you all enjoy this demo, let me know and I can rip the audio of the new songs they played last time in Lexington.

MP3: The Features – Drawing Board (demo) -LINK REMOVED-
Excuse the poor audio quality. I ripped this from their website and it sounds as though the band is in a box, underwater. But just the same, I think you’ll agree that it’s an interesting enough song to warrant listening at such a low quality. Anyway, on with the review. If you can get past the strange, almost circus-esque quality of the instrumentation then I think you’ll most likely fall for this song. It’s a fun little ride, complete with a minimal bass line and some wild, yet restrained, drumming during the chorus.

BONUS MP3: The Features – Me & The Skirts
I spent quite some time trying to decide which Features song best describes them as a band. This one does a might fine job, as it’s powerful, yet expressive. To me, that’s the Features.

The Features on Myspace
Read more about their recording process and hopefully stream more demos soon at The Features’ blog.

The Features will be playing at The Dame on March 25. As someone who saw them at their last stop at the Dame, let me tell you that you shouldn’t miss out on this one.

Just a reminder that Math and Physics Club will be playing at The Crocodile in Seattle tonight. They’re taking part in a show in which bands cover songs from the Magnetic Field’s 69 Love Songs. If anyone can get me a recording from this show, I’d love you.

Here’s a great little article on Thunderbirds are Now! in City Pulse. I completely understand where’s he’s coming from with that Weezer analogy. I would have fought for them too. But now? Good luck getting me to thumbwrestle for them (via LHB)

Is this not the coolest idea for your 100th post? A cover chain from Buddy Holly to Sufjan. Wild indeed.

David Cross on Carson Daly (YouTube)

7 thoughts on “New Features Demo: “Drawing Board””

  1. whoa! i am TOTALLY picking up a copy today! thanks for the heads up matt! (and i wish i was seeing them tonight at temple club but i have to work early tomorrow. :( )

    there’s a next time. i hope they cme back to mac’s sometime this summer. i can see them then.

  2. Whoa. I just met the guitar tech for The Features today in Nashville. Small world. He works at Grimey’s, which is apparently the kick-assingest record story in the city. I spent way too much time there today digging through the used bins before driving home to Atlanta. Heh.

  3. If management catches wind that you’re hosting an mp3 of the song they’re going to request you take it down. Trust me, I’m the guy that tried to make it somewhat difficult to directly snatch the mp3 in the first place.

  4. grimey’s is indeed one of the most kick-assingest record stores you’ll go to.

    and i’m always glad to see the features getting more recognition as being awesome.

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