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After seeing Andrew Bird twice in two days, my brain is kinda dead right now. In an attempt to get to be somewhat early (3:30 is early, right?), here’s some songs from Andrew’s amazing opener, Haley Bonar. She’s opened for Arcade Fire, Andrew Bird, Low and a bunch of others. If you’ve seen her, I’m pretty sure you’ll agree with me that she’s absolutely wonderful.

MP3: Haley Bonar – Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy
MP3: Haley Bonar – Am I Allowed
Pair this girl up with Immaculate Machine and the world just might end. Haley’s got a beautiful voice and a songwriting talent to match. Most of her songs are either guitar or keyboard-based, but both are particularly beautiful. Sadly, I wasn’t able to track down my two favorite tunes: “Car Wreck” and, what I believe was called “Route 16.” If someone has mp3s of these, feel free to leave a link in the comments.

Nice, thoughtful Destroyer post at Popsheep.

I saw the Parlour Boys at the Dame tonight. We talked about how the blogs have been lovin’ them. They were particularly fond of Skatterbrain Matt’s post on them.

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  1. You didn’t happen to get a recording of the Andrew Bird show did you? That first encore song was amazing.

  2. Nope. I decided at the Louisville show that I’m not going to record shows for a while. I want to enjoy concerts again. However, I might bring my camera so I can get the audio in the future. But no, I didn’t get it last night.

  3. I was at both shows at well. While I appreciate LFPL trying its hardest to do something cool, nothing could compare to the show at the Dame.

    you didn’t mentioned the highlight of hearing “Nervous Tic” twice.

    props for highlighting Haley Bonar.

  4. hey anyonymous poster #2 – I recorded some audio and video at the Andrew Bird show in Champaign/Urbana.

    Its not the first encore song but it’s still worth a look if you want a recording.


  5. wow, i almost always love what you post, but i couldn’t disagree with you more on haley bonar. i saw her open for andrew and i thought she was terrifically boring. everybody was talking over her by her second or third song; my friend pointed out that she just kept playing the same chords over & over. i’ll listen to these and see if i missed something live..

  6. Oh, oops, just came back because I remembered I don’t allow referrals from outside the domain to load files…rather than clicking it, copy the mp3 link I posted and paste it in a new browser window and it will work fine.

  7. Glad to hear that I wasn’t the only person at both shows (although the only one from Nashville probably). I was there to support Haley. :D

  8. I have “The Size of Planets” and loved it to pieces – but sadly missed her when she made it over to London last year. Nice to see anew album’s on its way…

  9. i have to say i’m a little disappointed that “save a horse ride a cowboy” isn’t a cover of the country song by the same name.

  10. I love what I hear from her. Man isn’t she delicious in all kind of ways? And aren’t the Rolling Stones keep playing the same chordds for 40 years? That’s not that bad of a concept. Anyway.

  11. saw haley bonar this past thursday (2/9) in athens with andrew bird– both were equally fanastic and i was thrilled to hear an artist with a voice like hers.

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