Kite Flying Society

Kite Flying Society are just as fun as their name might imply. These San Diegoians (sic?) sound a bit like the Kinks mixed with the Shins, but unfortunately have yet to release a full length album. Hopefully that situation will be fixed soon, as they’re in the studio right now.

MP3: Kite Flying Society – 6000 Shipwrecks
MP3: Kite Flying Society – Love & Seagulls
The subtle use of handclaps in the chorus of ‘6000 Shipwrecks’ caps off a pretty amazing song. It feels a bit like Rogue Wave Jr at times, but I mean that in the best possible way. All in all, it this band make me wish that we hadn’t just had a minor blizzard at UK. This is spring music, people!

Another MP3 here.

Andrew Bird’s show at the Louisville Free Public Library was awesome. He played a couple new tunes, all of which I got on video, as well as some old classics. Hello as well to the three girls who go to school in Louisville and came up to say ‘hi.’

Sixeyes did a nice interview with Dan Bejar.

Two new Vines songs up at IGIF.

Clever Titles Are So Last Summer is doing a cool ‘Love Sucks’ theme. With luck I should be doing something vaguely similar around V-day.

Vinyl is So In has the video of Broken Social Scene on Conan.

So I’d never seen the video for Feist’s “Mushaboom” – it is the cutest thing ever.

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  1. Posted on Kite Flying Society earlier in the week. I’ll be anticipating more stuff from these guys — these demos sound great.

  2. there was already an incredible band called kite flying society… that sucks that they didn’t look into that before they went writeing shitty songs and putting a good bands name to shame… that seriously sucks

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