Jackie-O M… : “Hey Mr. Sky”

So like I think I mentioned, we had a little bit of snow spat at us in Lexington about three days ago. Today’s the first day that we’ve had a good deal of sunshine, so I combed through my iTunes for a semi-appropriate song. It had to be good, but nothing that I’ll eventually use on my ‘Hello Sunshine’ mix.

MP3: Jackie-O Motherf*cker – Hey Mr. Sky
First of all, with a band name like this, I’ve got to give a shout out to my parents who read this site. What’s up mom and dad! Anyways, this song is a lot more laid-back than its name similarity to ELO’s ‘Mr. Blue Sky’ might suggest. In fact, this gets downright close to a freak-folk-noise-fest. But just the same, the chorus of drugged-out voices chanting ‘Hello, Mr. Sky’ is worth it. If you plan on taking a nap outside in the sun anytime soon, definetely bring this song with you. There are few songs better to be a cloud watching soundtrack.

Unfortunately UK is having some internet troubles. Sorry if you sent me an urgent email or are trying to contact me on AIM. On the plus side? Tonight: more Andrew Bird!

Sean has a great new post up at STG. My favorite part (though it had nothing to do with the body of the post: Last night? Clap Your Hands Say Mediocre. Could you at least have tried, fellows?

If you live in or near Lexington, here’s a good show you might be interested in: Friday Feb 10th @ Underlying Themes, The Elephants will be playing with Thee American Revolution (Robert Schneider’s other, other, other band), Petticoat, Petticoat and an assortment of other locals. I’d ordinarily be dying to go, but I’ll be back in Etown then. Poop.

Here’s a contest to win a pair of tickets to the sold out Sigur Ros show in Nashville.

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