Of Montreal – The Covers Show (1-18-02)

I’ve wanted a copy of this for a LONG time. Of Montreal has done (to my knowledge) two of these cover concerts. They’ve always been famous for doing quirky covers in their sets, but these are made up almost entirely of songs they didn’t write. This one is packed full of great tunes and your standard Of Montreal excellent instrumentation.

NOTE: Because I’m dumb, I accidently forgot to zip up track 12 of this concert. I’ll try to fix the error tomorrow after class. For now, you can download the other 15 songs in the zip file, and then track 12 separately.

ZIP: Of Montreal – The Covers Show (1-18-02)
01 Can’t Explain (The Who)
02 September Gurls (Big Star)
03 Rain (Beatles)
04 I’m Beginning to See the Light(Velvet Underground)
05 Making Time (The Creation)
06 Hang Onto Yourself (David Bowie)
07 Sway (Rolling Stones)
08 I Believe in You (Neil Young)
09 Doing Nothing (Of Montreal)
10 Metaphorically Turning into Stone (Of Montreal)
11 Death dance of omnipapa’s and sons for you (Of Montreal)
MP3: 12 Jennifer Louise (Of Montreal)
13 Do You Remember Walter? (The Kinks)
14 Rocks Off (Rolling Stones)
15 Happy (Rolling Stones)
16 Don’t Ask Me To Explain (Of Montreal)

14 thoughts on “Of Montreal – The Covers Show (1-18-02)”

  1. track 10 is called “metaphorically turning into stone”.. this was confirmed by either Dottie or BP on the e6 board a while back.

  2. Awesome. I’ve had ‘Can’t Explain’ on my harddrive for months, and I’ve always wondered if it was part of some larger, magnificent set of covers.

  3. This has been one of my favorite shows for a long time. It may be the New Years eve show previously mentioned, but there is supposed to be an 80’s cover show that is legendary, but I’ve never seen anyone with a copy. Does it exist?

  4. Wow! So many of my favorite songs covered by one of my favorite bands. I’m almost overwhelmed.

    Thanks and I think I love you.

    Kevin even sings backwards properly at the end of “Rain”… how marvelous.

  5. I was there at this and their New Years Show (they did a killer “War Pigs”). They also played a Team Clermont Prom where they did two sets of 80s songs. It was unbelievable. They are the best cover band I’ve ever seen. They even played “Wanna Be Starting Something”

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