The Sounds: “Song with a Mission”

The Sounds could very well be next in the line of grrl rockers like Sleater Kinney or Veruca Salt. Their new album, Dying to Say This to You, comes out sometime around March, I believe.

MP3: The Sounds – Song With a Mission
Aside from having an intro identical to ‘Nobody But Me’ (you know, the song that plays during the breakdancing scene in Kill Bill?), this song’s not too bad. It’s like MTV wanted to make up for the fact that they didn’t give Sleatery Kinney enough coverage back in the day, so they prayed for a band that sounds like SK used to. The Sounds were the answer to their prayers. All kidding aside, it’s a good song. Rocking female vocals and some nice guitarwork are really all you need for some great grrl rock.

So I know that’s it’s highly unlikely that anyone is reading YANP and watching the Superbowl, but on the off chance that someone is – what do you think of the commercials? If I might confess, I’m watching it mostly for the commercials and it looks like a decent crop this year. I loved the ‘magic fridge’ and ‘bear attack’ beer ads. Priceless.

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  1. i’m reading YANP and watching the super bowl…the commercials are terrible so far. except that “streaker” one w/ the sheep.

  2. Chris, we’re two different people. I hated that sheep one. Though I will grant you that the commercials are far worse than last year’s.

  3. doin’ both as well, I kinda liked that one where that on guy pegged the other guy in the head with his cell phone

    I wrote about the sounds awhile back and came to a completely different conclusion

    I don’t think they’re a real band in the conventional sense, just a corporate concoction and one of my Swedish readers concurred pointing out that they were actually sponsered by a Swedish clothing company

  4. I’m currently so in love with The Sounds’ “Rock ‘n Roll”! Great to hear there’s an album on the way!

    To me, their sound is just classic New Wave with 21st-century production values. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that in my book. God, I love their bass lines…

  5. I don’t think you could put these guys anywhere in the vicinity as Sleater-Kinney. THe latter has such a genuine, organic sound and while The Sounds are pretty catchy, they have that sort of over-produced, manufactured sound.


  6. the sounds and sleater-kinney? no way!

    i do agree that the sounds are fairly corporate, but the new album blows my mind! so so good!

  7. i’m with the majority…the commercials are pretty bad this year, i’ve actually saw one of them before, and that usually never happens(?)…partial to the Fedex cave man commercial…

  8. Hey, except that the burger king mask is terrifying, I did like the female dancers laying down into a giant whopper….
    creepy and metaphorical commodification and eating of women :)
    very strange.

  9. the Fedex commercial was pretty funny. and i enjoyed the magic fridge and the guy fixing the leaky roof. because, who are we kidding, people falling or hurting themselves is always funny. always.

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