New Shelley Short: “Like Anything Its Small”

So Blogger quite literally destroyed my post twice last night. I’m quite angry and a little tired, so forgive me if none of these get much text behind them.

MP3: Shelley Short – Like Anything Its Small
I’m not a big Joanna Newsom fan. Frankly, I find her annoying. But I do believe she’s an excellent songwriter. So I offer this comparison for you: ‘Like Anything Its Small’ is a Joanna Newsom song if it were being sung by someone with normal, yet beautiful vocals.

Like it? Want another? Well alright then:

Bonus MP3: Shelley Short – Pullin’ Pullin’

Rich put up a huge video of Belle and Sebastian at the BBC. Anyone know if it’s the same BBC appearance that’ll be on their bonus disc with the new album?

Page France are streaming two new songs at their myspace. Michael was right, they do sound like Margo Guryan! Just a reminder that you can preorder the EPs here.

Speaking of Page France, Michael got a nice write-up in Pfork about how they’re not a Christian band.

7 thoughts on “New Shelley Short: “Like Anything Its Small””

  1. A) great page france read on p4k. thanks for pointing it out

    B) I FEEL YER PAIN! I tried to post some shelley short last night twice before I went out and blogger crapped out.

  2. blogger was killing me last night as well. Nothing worse than writing up a fresh new post, getting the images all worked out and blam… blogger says “nope, sorry”. The price of free i guess. Keep up the posting.

  3. Sorry about the posts, but why aren’t you all drafting up your posts in Notepad or something? That’s something I always do. When I’m ready, I cut and paste the text into Blogger, so at least if Blogger is on the fritz, I have my post backed up in a text file.

  4. I used to do that a lot. But Blogger hadn’t eaten one of my posts in probably five months, so I guess I’d kinda relaxed. Oh well. It’s not like it was an article or anything.

  5. I dig the Shelley Short tracks, but I have to say that I love the Joanna Newsom tracks I’ve heard, too. I’ve loved her voice from the very first time I heard it.

    OTOH, the first time I heard Victoria Williams, I thought she was annoying as all get out; and I couldn’t figure out why my friends raved about her. I’m still not a huge VW fan, but she’s grown on me. So maybe there’s hope for you and JN, too. ;)

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