Cold War Kids

One of my internet friends who works at a record label in California (forgive me nameless friend, I can’t quite remember which one sent this to me. Was it Dean?) got me hooked on the Cold War Kids this past week. They’re great music for walking around campus, wishing you’d remembered your toboggan or scarf.

MP3: Cold War Kids – Heavy Boots
There’s an unfair stereotype that the 80s sucked. Yeah, they did give birth to terrible hair and strange fads, but we also got John Hughes movies. Luckily Cold War Kids picked the right musical styles of the 80s to blend with their own ideas and create this song. There’s a bit of a Sonic Youth style feel to it, though over all I’d say the song is dominated by a Violent Femmes influence.

MP3: Cold War Kids – The Soloist In The Living Room
I’ve always like the quirkiness of The Walkmen’s vocals. They’re so unique that even the dullest of lyrics shine like gold. ‘The Soloist in the Living Room’ does a great job achieving a similar level of vocal curiosity as well. In fact, they seem to take on a personality of their own. The other factor worth mentioning is the perfectly crafted drum work. It’s never too much, but always present and fits well.

CWK on Myspace

Radiohead not allowed to play in Chicago’s Millenium Park. This is terrible news considering that I was pretty sure Chicago would be my closest bet for seeing Radiohead.

There’s a new We Are Scientists video that you can access at NME’s site: It’s A Hit. While you’re there, check out the Belle and Sebastian one too: Funny Little Frog

If you want to go to Andrew Bird’s free concert in Louisville on Feb 6th, you’ll probably want to go here and reserve yourself some tickets. All you have to do is call a number (for those of you not in the Lville area code, stick 502 before it) and leave your name, phone number and quantity of tickets you’d like.

The Walkmen finish up 3rd album

The Melody Function show last night at the Dame was well worth the hour and a half I waited for it to start (note to self: door time doesn’t equal performance time). As expected, Robert Schneider joined them on stage for two songs; playing the melodica for the first and guitar for the second. Sadly I’m in no shape to do a review. I have no photos, know only one song title, and have five other interviews/reviews to schedule or write up this week. But I will state, once again, for the record that I love Lexington.

If someone could get me contact information for Favourite Sons, I’d be your best friend. I tried emailing them at son1 @ but got no reply. Can anyone help a brother out? Maybe a link to a Myspace account?

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  1. matt, your non-review of the melody function show was good enough for me. i’m just glad to know that you liked it. i’m so bummed i missed out on seeing Robert get down on the melodica!

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