Melody Function at the Dame Tonight (with guest Robert Schneider)

Who would think that little old Lexington, Kentucky would have such a thriving music community? I mean we have just about everything that you could musically desire. The Parlour Boys are taking dance-punk back for the bluegrass, The Elephants seem like they could be poised to make a run for an out-of-state record label (speculation), and well, let’s not forget that the Apples in stereo are hard at work finishing their new album.

But if you’re free tonight, live in Lexington and are over 21, you should definetely come check out The Melody Function at The Dame. They’ll be playing with RC Pro AM and will be appearing with their ‘special guest’ Robert Schneider. I don’t know if Robert will be with them the whole time or just for a few select songs, but I’m sure not going to miss it. It starts at 9am and is only $3.

Obligatory photos of me and Robert: #1 | #2

MP3: Melody Function – Roucoulement

MP3: The Apples in stereo – Skyway (new song live @ Busters in Lex – 9.1.05)

So I was pretty heartbroken over the Cat’s loss last night. For those of you who don’t know, I’m a student at the University of Kentucky, and we are definetely feeling the pain of a sub-par basketball season.

I Guess I’m Floating is probably my favorite blog this week. They’ve posted some MP3s from The Young Republic that I’m absolutely loving. So when I eventually post on TYR, know what I stole them from IGIF.

It looks like Chris went and painted his blog pink (not literally with paint, mind you. More like with ‘cyber paint’). It kinda hurts my eyes, but I’m going to forgive him because he posted on Nest, who is also in my cd player.

3 thoughts on “Melody Function at the Dame Tonight (with guest Robert Schneider)”

  1. Haha. Yeah, I’m good. Robert said because there were already two copies of Skyway floating around (mine from the Dame and the one from Popfest), there might as well be a third.

  2. dang, you didn’t even say anything about the melody function (their sound, how cute the singer is, etc). i expect a full report soon, mister! (well, make it a review.) what am i paying you for?!

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