Ozma to Reunite?

From the band’s Myspace

Yes, we’re back

WE: Star Wick, Ryen Slegr, Jose Galvez, and Daniel Brummel, do hereby declare our full and true intention to reform, reunite, and otherwise reanimate the rock group OZMA. Manning the drum kit for this incarnation of OZMA will be Kenn Shane, formerly of Addison. After rehearsing and working on new material since September 2005, we will play our first reunited concert on Sunday, March 12th 2006 at the Knitting Factory in Hollywood, CA. Tickets to this concert will be made available on January 14th, 2006. Announcements regarding future OZMA releases and tours will henceforth be made at our official website OzmaOnline.com.

Ryen, Daniel, Star, Kenn & Jose

The only reason for the question mark in the header is that I believe that myspace account is run by fans. However, I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t been looking for a reason to post Ozma MP3s.

MP3: Ozma – The Ups and Downs
MP3: Ozma – In Search of 1988
MP3: Ozma – Korobeiniki (you might know this one as ‘that Tetris song’)

Ozma was actually one of the first bands I ever saw perform live. They (and Saves the Day…ick) opened for Weezer when I saw them a little after the Green Album. Weezer slayed us, but Ozma did a very respectable job. ‘Korobeiniki’ was particularly well done.

9 thoughts on “Ozma to Reunite?”

  1. I always thought the Tetris song was called “Troika.” Perhaps that’s only in its original incarnation. But still…

    AWESOMES! Did I not say, like one week ago, how disappointed I was that I had never seen Ozma live?

  2. They’re back together for sure. They played a reunion show at the Troubador in LA in early December under the name Irregardless.

  3. Yeah it’s true Ozma is getting back together. Though Patrick isn’t coming back, apparently him and Daniel don’t get along too well anymore.

  4. matt, the melody function are playing tomorrow night at the dame and robert is going to join them for a couple songs. i thought you would want to know that being his #1 superfan and all.

  5. I saw the same 2 bands on my only visit to the U.S. in Raleigh. I thought Ozma were really good, Weezer were boring and Saves The Day destroyed. Dual perspectives.

    Ozma reuniting is fucking wicked though.

    Craig M.

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