Kid Theodore

Other Matt from Skatterbrain and I must think a lot alike. Today both of us fell in love with this song by Kid Theodore. So while I simultaniously write an article, rip and edit songs, and watch White Men Can’t Jump, here’s a song to sing you to sleep.

MP3: Kid Theodore – Lonely Angel
Starting off with handclaps that make me want to sing ‘oh Mickey you’re so fine’ doesn’t sound like the smartest move, but it pays off in the end. With a bass line that can only be described as ‘thumping,’ this song kicks off a romping good ride. But I think the melody might be the real winner here. It’s poppy enough to remind me of master songsmiths, Self. Unfortunately, the chorus allows the momentum to die a little bit. With a little work, these kids could be the Tapes ‘n Tapes of pop music.

The Belle and Sebastian contest is over. The winner was ‘paraplegic little pony’ and has been contacted by email. Thanks to everyone who entered!

Yay! Of Montreal cd reissues! Anyone have word on if they’ll be released on vinyl?

One hour left to enter my Belle and Sebastian giveaway!

Tender Forever

Since you guys liked The Eames Era so much, I figured I’d give you a peak into another band I spun while at WRFL. Tender Forever is a nice female-fronted project from France. Instrumentally it’s more electro; but what they may lack in organic nature, they make up for with Melanie Valera’s breathy, yet alluring vocals. And believe you me, they put those vocals to good use. ‘Hot’ not only doubles her vocals, but makes a veritable choir out of them!

MP3: Tender Forever – Hot
MP3: Tender Forever – Take It Off

Tender Forever on Myspace

And if you liked the new Bishop Allen song I posted the other day, here’s your chance to buy the January EP fron which it comes. If you’re hesitating at all in your decision, just know that these EPs are limited to 1000 copies. I kid you not, I purchased three of them.

Order ‘January’

MP3: Bishop Allen – Corazon

Zach has Petra Hayden covering the Beach Boys and others.

If you live in Texas (or will be there around SXSW time), you should probably go to this and then this. I won’t be there, but Chris from GvB and Scott Stereogum will make sure you have a fun time. Anyone want to bet on who’s the first blogger to get drunk and start shouting requests for Kelly Clarkson covers at Ted Leo?

New Raconteurs Song: “Steady As She Goes”

Hey gang. Long story short I was planning on skipping a class and then remembered we have a quiz in there today. So as I pack up my bag and dash across campus, here’s a new song by The Raconteurs (Jack White, Brendan Benson, et al.)

MP3: The Raconteurs – Steady As She Goes
MP3: The Raconteurs – Store Bought Bones

pse: My blog and I are featured in today’s edition of my hometown paper, the News Enterprise. If you’d like to read the article and see a bad photo of me click here.

Belle and Sebastian “Life Pursuit” Giveaway

We all know that Belle and Sebastian’s new album, The Life Pursuit, comes out February 7th, right? Well here’s your chance to earn yourself a free copy…and then some.

The Contest
Whoever can make the best parody of the title of B&S’ new single “Funny Little Frog” wins. Leave your entry in the comments along with an email by which you can be easily reached.

The Rules

  • Keep the alliteration as well as keeping it animal-themed. Here’s a lame example: Curious Little Cat would be a decent entry.
  • Open to US residents only
  • Contest closes Wednesday, Feb 1st at midnight EST
  • One entry per person, please

    A Tip

  • Like the frog in question, you should aspire to be funny

    The Prize
    A (apparently very) limited edition Belle and Sebastian “The Life Pursuit” digi-book with a live BBC session bonus disc.

    CONTEST OVER Thanks for entering!

    So let the comments flow! Best of luck to everyone in proving your wit and knowledge of obscure animals.

    And if you should feel like you know you won’t win, feel free to preorder The Life Pursuit

    MP3: Belle and Sebastian – Another Sunny Day

    PSE: Check Matador’s site over the next two days for info on a concert that I KNOW will interest someone. Let’s just say it involves being flown to Seattle to sing with the band on stage.

  • The Eames Era

    I hate to ruin the magic for those of you who’ve never worked at a college radio station – or any station, for that matter – but we have a giant wall of CDs called a ‘Playbox.’ These range from Heavy, Medium and Light rotation and we’re supposed to play some from each every hour (with intensity of play determined by what category they’re in). So while browsing for something to spin early this morning, I saw a CD with the spine labeled ‘Rilo Kiley (but better!)’ How could I not play that?

    MP3: The Eames Era – Go To Sleep
    Eli (the girl who reviewed the CD for WRFL) did not lie. If you like the cutesy, pop side of Rilo Kiley, you’ll fall in love with The Eames Era. This is a blissful, bouncing pop song that’s capped off by some of the best female vocals I’ve heard in quite some time. Also, they really do have a great manner of songwriting. Their chord progression is right in line with the emotional aspects of the song. Very uplifting and touching.

    The Eames Era on Myspace

    So, would it really kill Wolf Parade to tour within a state of me?

    Other Matt made a Xiu Xiu new song post that I totally missed.

    3Hive posted about Fruit Bats. I totally played them on my show last night and danced around by myself. I’m such a nerd.

    When It Comes to Music, There Aren’t Enough Words

    For a while I’ve intended to do posts on Sunday nights with songs that might not be new or that rare, but will make your Monday just a little bit easier. This isn’t the official start of it, but it’s a sort of a dry run. Last night a YANP reader from Cinci called in to my radio show and requested some Lucksmiths. Unfortunately I never actually put ‘Warmer Corners’ on my iPod so he had to make due with this Smiths cover. And the Apples song? Well it’s just really good.

    MP3: The Lucksmiths – There is a Light That Never Goes Out
    In a society of remakes, ‘inspired by’s, and sequels, it’s good to hear a cover that expands upon the original. Musically the song is almost identical; a little more bass in the mix and the acoustic guitar has a more organic feeling to it. But where the original was carried along by Morrissey’s wavering, yet strong vocals; the Lucksmiths have turned it into a sparklingly beautiful duet with the help of Karen Morcombe. Both male and female portions are warm and inviting, but still manage to keep that feeling of abandonment that haunted the original.

    MP3: Apples in stereo – On Your Own
    Leave it to Robert Schneider to hide a great moral about the perils of liberation and freedom in one of his catchiest songs. If you can ignore the toe-tapping good drumming (provided by Hilarie Sydney) and Robert’s fiercely catchy guitar, you might notice some depth to this pop song. ‘On Your Own’ is an anthem for any girl who’s ever had to move out from under her parents’ (particularly father’s) wing and be free. It’s not going to be easy, but growing up seldom is.

    The title of this post is a bit of a reference to an article that ran in today’s Washington Post. Leslie Walker wrote up a cool little piece about blog lingo (‘bloggerazzi’ was a fav) and the 2006 Bloggies. I’m quoted in there, but it’s nothing life changing. It’s just a little bit about how record labels send me packages and that still blows my mind. Read the article here (requires registration).

    Dodge has new Gorillaz tracks.

    There is a full Editors live set at Bradley’s Almanac.

    Sing Sing: “Come, Sing Me A Song”

    SIDE NOTE: I’ll be DJing at 3am on WRFL. If you’re awake, feel free to listen.

    Lisa O’Neill and Emma Anderson, better known as Sing Sing, have put together one of the best songs I’ve heard in a while. ‘Come, Sing Me a Song’ will be appearing on Sing Sing and I, out on February 14th.

    MP3: Sing Sing – Come, Sing Me a Song
    This song is like a blueprint for everything a girl pop band should aspire to be. There are a myriad of instruments that jump in and out of the mix, each contributing something to the sound. Particularly great are the laid back acoustic guitar and the wonderfully planned horn bursts. But let’s not forget the vocals. Unfortunately I’m not familiar enough with the band to pick out who is singing what part. But either way, both main and backing vocals are glorious and deserving of applause. Don’t be surprised if this winds up in a movie as ‘care-free summer vacation in the tropics’ music.

    Buy Sing Sing and I

    So the University of Kentucky has decided to block all file sharing programs. That means I can’t download any tv shows (that aren’t available on DVD) and I can’t randomly download songs that get stuck in my head. So if anyone wants to post a link to ELO’s ‘Mr. Blue Sky,’ I’d be your best friend.(UPDATE: A kind soul left an mp3 for me. Thanks!)

    Looks like The Elected will be playing a free show with Jenny Lewis tonight in Hollywood. If you show up at The Hotel Cafe (1623 1/2 Cahuenga Blvd.) between 3-5pm, you’ll get a bracelet to be one of 150 people at the show.

    Hamell on Trial: “Inquiring Minds”

    Pluses about waking up at 3pm: you get to sleep until 3pm.
    Minuses about waking up at 3pm: you’ll be quite hungry.

    Here’s a quick, silly song to make you laugh while I go look for something to eat.

    MP3: Hamell on Trial – Inquiring Minds
    Everyone always says that there’s no guidebook for how to be a parent. Everyone is wrong. Hamell on Trial’s new album, Songs for Parents Who Enjoy Drugs, is a hilarious look at the hypocrisy that exists in our world today. ‘Inquiring Minds’ is a particularly hilarious fictional completely real Q/A session between a father and child. After listening to his replies, I’ve got to say that I agree with his decision in the chorus: ‘I’m gonna lie! I’m gonna lie! I’m gonna lie!’ I mean honestly, here are some of the lyrics:

    (Child) For high school exams, how’d you stay up to read?
    (Father) The kid across the street dealt me excellent speed!
    (Child) Were classes as boring as mine are today?
    (Father) Most of the time I was tripping, so I really can’t say.

    Chromewaves reports that there’ll be a new Dinosaur Jr. album soon.

    The Features are streaming a new demo (via IGIF). I’ll try to rip it and upload it. Maybe I can rip the audio of the new songs they played in KY too, huh?

    IGIF also has a cool Tribute to Edison that is basically a mix focused around ‘light.’ Good stuff.

    Lexington Concerts Tonight: Parlour Boys CD Release or Puerto Muerto

    I really have no idea how many people from Lexington read my website. But for those of you who do, here’s a preview of the cool things you can look forward to tonight. And if you don’t live in the Bluegrass, then just download the songs and try not to envy us too badly (yeah right).

    Parlour Boys Record Release Party
    @ The Dame w/The Merediths and Moth (8pm, $5)

    MP3: Parlour Boys – Lovers
    Lexington dance-punk darlings, Parlour Boys, have been at the center of some big city-wide buzz lately. They’ve gotten write-ups in UK’s major newspapers as well as having sold-out shows with VHS or Beta. So after all this anticipation, it’s time for a spectacular display at The Dame. You might think that Kentucky could never produce some good dance-punk. You might also be wrong. (8pm, $5, 21+)

    Puerto Muerto ‘Live Soundtrack’ to Texas Chainsaw Massacre
    @ Worsham Theater, University of Kentucky – (10pm FREE)

    MP3: Puerto Muerto – Alcohol
    After fighting off what I think was a minor case of food poisoning, I made my way to Underlying Themes last night to catch Puerto Muerto. They’re a mellow, yet powerful married couple who play some mellow rock. This song I’ve uploaded is their cover of the Kinks’ ‘Alcohol.’ Tonight they’re providing a ‘live soundtrack’ to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, which will be playing at UK’s Worsham theater. It’s both all ages and free, so you’ve got little excuse to miss this one. (I filmed their show at UT. So if you’d be interested, tell me and I’ll upload it)

    For anyone who cares, I’ll be at The Dame watching the Parlour Boys rock out. I’ll most likely be standing in the sound booth, playing Tetris on my cell phone. I look like this. Come say ‘hi.’