12 Days of Mixmas: Day 13 – Kevin Barnes from Of Montreal

Getting Kevin from Of Montreal to take part in something for my website was something of a dream come true. Not only are they one of my favorite bands, but they’ve always seemed to be one of the most professional in the spectrum of indie music. Kevin’s music is rarely life-changingly serious, but there’s no joking around when it comes to their output. They’re one of the most consistantly strong bands making music today.

MP3: Of Montreal – Requiem for O.M.M.2

All I’m going to say about Of Montreal is that last week I seriously considered transfering to UGA so that I could see some hometown shows of theirs once in a while. If you’re not familiar with them, I implore you to head here asap.

Mix 13: “Songs About Horses” by Kevin Barnes of Of Montreal

1) MP3: The Hollies – Pegasus
This song is so wonderful. The best part about it though is the completely sincere vocal delivery. I truly believe that Graham Nash has a flying horse friend and that he does run the risk of losing him forever if he tells anyone about him.

2) MP3: The Byrds – Chestnut Mare
Again, the thing you have to remember when singing about horses is to really feel it in your heart. You can’t fake it cause people will notice and be disappointed. When Roger McGuinn delivers the immortal lines “I’m gonna catch that horse if I can/and when I do I’ll give her my brand” something stirs inside of me, I’m not sure if it’s a good thing but it is definitely stirring.

3) MP3: Bob Dylan – All The Tired Horses
This one I actually genuinely like. I don’t know why. It is so simple and atmospheric. It is almost like a strange little mantra.

4) MP3: The Beatles – Dig A Pony
Easily my favorite song on my least favorite Beatles album. I love the little hidden insult to the Rolling Stones, “I rolled a stoney where you can imitate anyone you know…”. I’ve always thought that was strange, I mean the Beatles release a psychedelic album where they’re wearing really colorful uniforms and then the Stones do the same, the Beatles abandon the psych sound for a rawer one and release an album with a white cover and then the Stones do too, the Beatles make an album called Let It Be and the Stones put out Let It Bleed. I guess in fairness to the Stones Let It Bleed came out before Let It Be was officially released but still.

5) JPG: Prince, the back cover to his second album
Ok so it’s not a song but the image is more powerful than any one song could ever be and it brings us full circle. Here are the components,a completely naked 19 year old airbrushed Prince with feathered hair and Pegasus the flying horse. I can’t remember off hand if he is flying or not in the photo. He might just be taking the low road for a bit. I’m sure they did fly though. Sometimes when I’m down I just think of that photo and imagine the good times the two of them had together, before super stardom tore them apart, and it makes me happy again. It’s the little things in life.

THE END (feel free to comment on who was the weirdest/best/funniest mix)

At last Mixmas has come to and end; and what an end at that. I’d like to thank all the musicians who took part in this. When I started off, I was figuring only a couple would get back to me about it and even fewer would be able to take part. I mean, I emailed the bands two days before I needed my first one. Talk about bad planning. So anyone who contributed a mix did so not only out of a love of music, but also in spite of the fact that they were pressed for time. Also, thanks to Said the Gramophone for not pointing out the fact that the idea of Mixmas is a lovingly perverted version of their popular feature, “Said the Guests,” in which artists talk about songs that they love or have a special attraction to. Also thanks to you guys. Your consistantly positive feedback was really helpful and appreciated. I’ve always said that I’d keep YANP up if I was only writing for myself; but you all do make it a bit easier ;)

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5 thoughts on “12 Days of Mixmas: Day 13 – Kevin Barnes from Of Montreal”

  1. I loved the Mixmas feature and was lucky to be introduced to this blog in time to see it all. I got turned onto so many great bands/songs from just this one blog in the last 2 weeks. It also opened my eyes to some other great blogs out there.

    For my money, the GvB mix was the best….there wasnt a song on there that wasnt GREAT. GvB is also pimping Gnarls Barkley’s song “Crazy” right now….which is a great song!

    Speaking of pimping….I would love to see some songs by Brother Machine on this blog. Listening to all of the great songs on this site, I think you all would REALLY enjoy it!
    I would suggest “Space Cadet”, “I Had a Dream”, and “I Wish I Knew You” just to get a taste for their range….but all the songs are good!

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