The Yeah Yeah Yeahs Cover The Liars: “Mr. You’re On Fire, Mr.”

Again, I didn’t even know this song existed. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs covering the Liars seems just crazy enough to work, doesn’t it? Apparently this isn’t exactly a rare track, but I’m sure that there’s at least one of you out there that hasn’t heard it yet. And if you’ve had this since before it was cool, consider this your opportunity to talk about how much you love or hate it.

MP3: The Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Mr. You’re On Fire, Mr. (Liars cover)
The first couple seconds scared me. I was convinced the YYYs were going to crap all over my favorite Liars song. Luckily for my ears, this wasn’t the case. Refusing to fall into the ‘exact replica’ trap of covers, Karen and the gang completely reinvent this song into a lurching, yet dancable ditty. Still, they’ve got nothing on the original; but props to them for trying and (moderately) succeeding.

BONUS MP3: The Arcade Fire – Maps (The Yeah Yeah Yeahs cover)
If I passed up the opportunity to post this one, then I would be the son of a silly person (sorry, I bought Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail this past weekend). Call me a blasphemer, but I think this version rivals the original. I just really love the interplay between Regine’s and Win’s vocals.

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  1. you forget the H in the last Yeah of Yeah Yeah Yea’h’s for your lairs cover link!

    hahah, just being a jerk.

    merry christmas :)

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