New Mates of State Track, “Fraud in the 80s”

Let my preface this by saying that I’m not a huge Mates of State fan. I like their studio work okay; it’s just that when I saw them live…they were kinda boring. Granted, Bishop Allen did open for them, so my excitement had kinda peaked. But still, I was let down. Now having said that, let me now explain that this song makes me think I was a bit hastey with my decision. “Fraud in the 80s” is from MoS’ upcoming album, Bring It Back, which is due out March 21 (is it me, or are these things leaking earlier and earlier?). Based on this song, I might just have to pick this one up when it comes out.

MP3: Mates of State – Fraud in the 80s
I’ve only listened to this song twice, and the chorus is already stuck in my head. Not only that, but I’m loving whatever strange effect they’ve got on the keyboard (organ?). This is quite possibly my favorite Mates of State song.

Also, even though there will be a YANP post (or two) on Christmas day, I’d still like to wish you all a Merry Christmas. You guys are a great bunch and it’s because of you that I actually feel good about my major (journalism with the intent to do music journalism). So yeah, thanks very much and I hope you have a great holiday season!

BONUS MP3: XTC – Thanks for Christmas
This is a combination strange story/Christmas post. Three times so far I’ve been in department stores (GAP, Proffits and Old Navy?) and had this come on. All times I’ve been with a girl and been laughed at when I sang along with it. Knowing the words to songs that come on the radio in stores kinda freaks me out. It was almost as weird as yesterday when I met my good friend Kara in American Eagle and they were playing “Lazer Beam” by SFA. I think her exact words were ‘you know a song that’s being played in American Eagle?’ Apparently I do.

7 thoughts on “New Mates of State Track, “Fraud in the 80s””

  1. man, i love mates of state, but i’ve been listening to this since it leaked last night — and it doesn’t have anyting on TEAM BOO.

  2. I saw Mates of State open for The Strokes, and I’m totally with you on them being incredibly underwhelming. I’ve never seen a more motionless audience. That lackluster performance kept me from checking out any of their studio work, despite the number of great things I read. But, hey. I’m downloading this new track, just for you.

  3. I heard The Arcade Fire in a Quiksilver shop and The Boy Least Likely To at a Gap store 2 days ago while shopping at the mall.
    Thank you for the mates of state!

  4. I like the MoS song. Sounds like she took her voice down a notch, which I like. I don’t get worn out as quickly as I do when I listen to their Team Boo songs.

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