12 Days of Mixmas: Day 10 – Becca from The Light Footwork

Again I say to you, The Light Footwork are amazing. I was thrilled to learn that both halves of TLF would be willing to participate in Mixmas, and I think you’ll agree that Becca’s theme is every bit as unique as Jay’s.

MP3: The Light Footwork – Coastlines Are Landmines

Mix 10: ‘Tickle Me Elmo vs. Furby’ (As in: we all know that Christmas is a ploy put on by Jesus to get us to buy the latest hyped up piece of crap) by Becca Wilhelm of The Light Footwork

1. WMA: Space – Me & You vs. The World
This was the theme song of the movie Shooting Fish, which was the theme movie of my college days. Half the stuff I own was dumpstered.

2. MP3: Modest Mouse – Bird vs. Worm
When eating worms, it’s best to first soak them in water so that they purge their guts. Otherwise, they taste like dirt.

3. MP3: They Might Be Giants – XTC vs. Adam Ant
Only time will tell.

4. MP3: Piebald – The Monkey Versus The Robot
This one monkey in North Carolina had its brain hooked up to a robot arm, and when its brain worked the robotic arm correctly, the monkey was rewarded with juice.

5. MP3: Luna – Bonnie and Clide
In the spirit of Christmas, maybe Elmo and Furby should team up like Bonnie and Clide… to kill. They’re both creepy, so it’s not that much of a stretch.

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