Minus Story ‘No Rest For Ghosts’ Contest

I got this press release today. Seems like a highly cool contest (especially the part about Minus Story giving you a song) and I’ll most likely enter it when I get home.


To celebrate the release of their new album No Rest For Ghosts, Minus Story want you to give them stuff. But what fun is it to just give stuff away. No, no, no you have to compete. In the spirit of competition and judgement, Minus Story want you to give them stuff…but you’ll get stuff in return.

So we present to you The Great Minus Story No Rest For Ghosts Contest

wanted: one work of art short story, true tale, tall tale, poem, song, drawing, painting, stained glass, sculpture, etc…relating to ghosts.

other topics for consideration: the end times, antarctic exploration, “space chess,” zombies, mind control, cats, budget rock, or the giant squid.

There will be only one lucky winner, so make it count.

prizes: these may or may not include (but are not limited to):
-One song just for you and only you from Minus Story.
-No Rest For Ghosts vinyl
-Artwork by or pertaining to Minus Story
-Minus Story “Mystery Box”

Please submit your work of art to:

Minus Story
1499 West 2nd St
Bloomington, IN 47401

Deadline: All submissions must be postmarked January 30 or earlier.

The winner will receive their Minus Story goodies sometime in 2006.

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