12 Days of Mixmas: Day 8 – Christian Owens from Bishop Allen

I think this had the best turnaround rate of any mix that was turned in to me. Christian Owens of Bishop Allen emailed me this theme yesterday morning and between us, we had all the mp3s collected by 6pm last night. Ah, what a peach.

If you didn’t know Bishop Allen is not only responsible for the name of this website, but also one of the best albums of 2003, Charm School. CO joined Bishop Allen not long after the album was released and she’s currently helping record Clementines, the band’s follow up. Here’s a song that’ll be on that new album to help you along:

MP3: Bishop Allen – Come Clean

Christian’s mix is reflective of a theme I’ve seen in countless bands in the Brooklyn scene: the desire to promote their friends. This selflessness is something that makes me feel good about the state of modern music. But as for this mix, it’s really spiffy. I’ll admit that I’d never this song by Ambulance LTD, and I am in love. Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did!

Mix 8: ‘5 Bands That Live Within a 5 Block Radius of My Apartment’ by Christian Owens of Bishop Allen

1. MP3: Ambulance Ltd. – Primitive (The Way I Treat You)
I usually have this song stuck in my head. I always see Marcus– the front man of Ambulance Ltd.– walking down the south streets of Bedford Ave. in Williamsburgh Brooklyn and greet him with “Relax don’t think about the way I treat you, uh-huh.” Such a hot song!

2. MP3: Tomorrow’s Friend – Who Asked You Anyways
About a year ago, I met Allesandra who played in this crazy/amazing 2 piece band, just her on guitar and a drummer named Jen. They had just finished recording a series of songs at studios and at home on four-tracks, and also wanted to have different people play other instruments on some of the tracks. She asked me to come over to her loft down the street and record bass on a couple of the songs. So, in the freezing cold we would freak out at her place and have a blast. I played bass on “Who Asked You Anyways,” this song captures the crazy fun of that era. What came after is another history and another story!

3. MP3: Diamond Nights – The Girls Attractive
Rob Laakso is the guitar/keyboard player in this band. We went to college together in Boston, and now he lives down the street. This song is off the hook, and so fun to see live.

4. MP3: The Double – Up All Night
These boys are amazing and so is this song. It’s always exciting to bump into them at bodegas and at bars around town!

5. MP3: We Are Scientists – Mucho Mas
One of my favorite intros ever. I share a street with the drummer and an apartment building with the singer/guitar player. A little over a year ago, Bishop Allen played a crazy show at Trash (2 blocks away from my apartment), and Keith dropped his guitar and went nuts. He kept hitting Tapper’s cymbal and it sliced his hand open. Keith had to be rushed to the emergency room. There’s a reference to that in this song.

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11 thoughts on “12 Days of Mixmas: Day 8 – Christian Owens from Bishop Allen”

  1. Christian Rudder – Bishop Allen
    John Pugh – !!!
    Ben Nichols – Lucero

    All went to Little Rock Central High. Ben was a year older.

    Weird huh?

  2. I love Bishop Allen and this is my favorite mix so far. Perhaps I’m just partial to my hometown bands, but I love all these songs. Nicely done.

  3. What an annoying fucking douchebag. “I live down the street from the Double, and then I run into that asshole from Ambulance LTD…” Give me a break. This is why people hate New Yorkers.

  4. Ya know, the theme is “Bands That Live Within a 5 Block Radius of My Apartment” – it sorta figures that she would live down the street from and run into the people she listed, otherwise she would have contradicted the point of her list there….

    Oh and…I like the New Yorkers I know too…

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