Rare-ish Destroyer Tracks

So Destroyer’s new album, Rubies, leaked not too long ago. While I’ve only heard “European Oils,” a lot of my friends are wetting their pants over it. In the spirit of helping out any new fans to Destroyer, here are some songs that you might not have heard yet. One is new, two are old and one (my favorite of them) is by a band called Vancouver Nights, which features a duet with Dan.

MP3: Destroyer – European Oils
This is a new song (the single?) off Destroyer’s upcoming album, Rubies. His singing style in this one reminds me why I originally thought he was a Lou Reed impersonator. But as for the song, it’s wonderfully arranged. A myriad of instruments back up Dan’s vocals in an excellent manner. Each gets their time in the spotlight (piano – intro; guitar – fuzzy solo), but spend most of the time helping to support his interesting verse.

MP3: Vancouver Nights – A Room of One’s Own
Oh sweet duet. This was featured on Vancouver Night’s s/t debut album and features lead singer, Sara Lapsley, singing along with Dan Bejar. Stylisticly, it reminds me of Rilo Kiley – particularly the pregnant pauses inbetween ‘you’re a bit of a dreamer’ and ‘I’m a bit of a schemer.’ I highly suggest this one.

MP3: Destroyer – The Music Lovers
MP3: Destroyer – The Spirit of Giving
Two songs off a Sub Pop 7″ that is all kinds of rare these days. Both are pretty darn laid back and, as my roommate would say, ‘chill.’ “The Music Lovers” is a guitar driven track, while “The Spirit of Giving” gets its jollies through the piano. Apparently, Pants Yell! covered “The Spirit of Giving” at a recent concert. My hat’s off to them for covering a Destroyer song I didn’t even know existed until this week.

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  1. I actually have a finished one that I’m waiting to put up. I guess I should take your question as a sign that I need to put it up tomorrow lol

  2. i’ve been reading (and downloading from) this blog for a long while, and i’ve never commented. but i felt compelled when you posted these.. i am in the midst of a full-blow destroyer obsession. i’ve managed to find almost everything of his, but you’re right, that 7″ is very rare indeed. “european oils” is a great track, and i think rubies is destined to be one of the best albums of ’06. thanks so much for all the great music!

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