Secret Dakota Ring

I love doing this Mixmas thing, because it frees me up a bit. By having something to post every day, and putting up the occasional rarity, I don’t have post about a band unless I really like them. Such is the case with Secret Dakota Ring. Matt from Skatterbrain tipped me off to them about a week back, but I didn’t really fall in love with them until I put them on my ‘Finals Mix.’

MP3: Secret Dakota Ring – My Window
This song sums up my feelings about SDR. Fifty percent of it is poppy enough to get it played on MTV or wind up in your high school-age sister’s iPod. It’s even more catchy than the flu. But the verses are weird and cool in that indie way. So definetely grab this one if you want a catchy song that you can still feel a little pretentious about liking – because that’s what it’s all about right? [/sarcasm]

MP3: Secret Dakota Ring – Beautiful Girl
MP3: Secret Dakota Ring – Pay Up

You can download their entire album at their website. And if you like it, it’s only $5 to buy it. Doesn’t get much better than that, fellas.

Funny story: so I was SURE that my Accounting final was at 8:30pm on Friday night. Well, I went to go eat/study at around five and decided to check and make sure it was 8:30 and not just 8. I nearly died when I read, in big, bold letters, COMPREHENSIVE FINAL: 1PM. Yowza. So I called my prof and begged to take the test either that night or in the morning. Fortunately she let me come to her CPA office in Versailles (like 20 mins from UK) and take it the next day. I was thiiiis close to getting a zero on it. But I think I did pretty well, so it’s not too bad.

4 thoughts on “Secret Dakota Ring”

  1. wow. that was one close call for your final. (thank goodness i’m an english major. why? no finals. EVER.)

    but good luck on that.
    and that track is pretty sweet.

  2. This is good stuff! I’ve gone straight off to download all the others songs, and if they all live up to these, I think I’ll even give them money!

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