New Song By The Rinse: “Out Of Her Mind”

Ah, The Rinse. If there’s anyone more deserving of that shirt “Myspace Celebrity,” I haven’t met them yet. They’ve got over 17k friends, but for a good reason: they’re darn good. Mix the best of brit-pop with some American weirdness and you’ve got one of the catchier bands in the Brooklyn scene. Their drummer, Ryan, sent me one of the new songs they’ve been demoing and I think it’s turned out pretty well.

MP3: The Rinse – Out of Her Mind
Most of you are going to disagree with me on this, and that’s fine; however, I think that The Rinse have some great vocals. It’s true. Don’t be turned off by their occasional falsettos or even the sugary pop sweetness of the music itself – really give them a chance. Also, their lyrics are pretty nice as well. Granted, they’re no Smiths (then again, who are?) but there’s definetely a poetic nature to them.

With that said, I think they’ve still got a little bit of work on this one. The main point of the song: the line “what doesn’t pull apart stays the same / what doesn’t break your heart fades away” is somewhat overpowered by the guitar hook. In fact, I’m not even sure that those are the lyrics. There’s such a build up to that point in the song, but then the focus doesn’t seem to be on the vocals.

Oh, what the heck. Be their friend on Myspace!

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