Wolf Parade Live on CBC Radio 3

These are old. In fact, they’re probably the first time I’d ever heard of this wild new band ‘Wolf Parade’ that hailed from the uncharted wilderness of Canada. So I’ll save you the historical context or even my feelings on the songs* and just get straight to the goods.

RAR: Wolf Parade – Live on CBC Radio 3 (31 mb)
01 – Lousy Pictures
02 – I’ll Believe in Anything, You’ll Believe in Anything
03 – Same Ghost Every Night
04 – I Am My Father’s Son
05 – Shine a Light

*this version of ‘Lousy Pictures’ sounds way better than the EP version does. Darn you Brock. It’s the effect on the keyboard…guitar…what instrument is that, exactly?

8 thoughts on “Wolf Parade Live on CBC Radio 3”

  1. by overproducing, do you mean ruining? And turning what many people had hoped would be the album of the year….. to, well, just another album released this year.

    In a mail that someone wrote to them from the SUF, Spencer replied to say, “Forget this album exists, start with the next one”. This was after it had leaked, and before it was released, and ridiculously overhyped (and overmarked) by many music sites.

  2. Yeah, I remember that letter. It’s actually refreshing that they felt that way. At least they’re smart enough to know that the result wasn’t up to their potential.

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