Fugu, “Here Today”

Like The Beatles? So do Fugu. It was kinda funny actually, the person who sent me this MP3 looked for almost an hour with me to find Fugu’s website. We got to that one almost immediately, but couldn’t believe these folks are French. Apparently they are. Also, a little birdy tells me that they’re looking for US distribution for their new album As Found. So if you happen to be a high-powered executive at some record label…give ’em a call.

MP3: Fugu – Here Today
I say again, if you dig the lighter side of the Beatles, chances are good that you’ll enjoy this song. It feels like it could be played during some cheesy montage in a romantic comedy. But don’t take that as a bad thing. I mean, they played “Here Comes Your Man” in Deuce Biggalow, European Giggalo. Anyway, it’s a beautiful tune and I suggest it to help cure your finals woes.

There’s also an XFM copy of CHYSY’s song ‘Cigarettes’ up at I Guess I’m Floating

Also, I know I’m about two weeks late on this one, but I recently read David Cross’ open letter to Larry the Cable Guy and found it hilarious. He completely picks him apart and it actually winds up being pretty funny. I particularly suggest the section where he talks about Larry being an ‘act’ (his real name is Dan Whitney and he’s from Nebraska).

7 thoughts on “Fugu, “Here Today””

  1. Nice to see that our local heroes are finally getting some coverage ! They’ve been around on Paris local scene for quite a long time now but they’re now getting a much wider audience since they released that album. It’s actually great !

    You might want to take a look at Dorian Pimpernel, another french band heavily influenced by Beatles-like acts.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion. Being a huge Beatles fan (‘specially their earlier stuff), this is probably something I’ll end up looking into. Great blog, too!

  3. i am so glad that david cross put that asshole in his place. seriously. (unfortunatly, my family thinks he’s a riot, but it makes me sick for them to like that shit.)

    that made me smile today. thanks for posting the link matt! :)

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