The Boy Least Likely To Release Christmas Song for Download

Thanks to Other Matt for the tip.

The Boy Least Likely To have released a wonderful Christmas gift for their fans: a song specially written and recorded for the Christmas season. Entitled ‘Little Donkey,’ it tells the tale of the journey to Jerusalem from the perspective of the donkey. Clocking in at only 1:50, it’s not their longest work; however, it’s so simple and beautiful that it more than makes up for the length.

MP3: The Boy Least Likely To – Little Donkey

The past couple days have been full of good music haven’t they? It’s times like this that I really just love to love music. Makes me feel good indside, ya know?

UPDATE: Matt also has a nice Walkmen Christmas song online. New? Dunno. I love the Walkmen but I know little about their catalogue outside of the albums.

5 thoughts on “The Boy Least Likely To Release Christmas Song for Download”

  1. thanks to both Matts! I’ve been wanting to make an xmas cd, and well your making it easier for me ;)

    merry christmas and all that jazz!

  2. The Walkmen track was released around last Christmas, I believe. They had it up on their own site for a while, but must have taken it down.

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