I’m From Barcelona

I want you to stop what you’re doing. No multitasking for the next two minutes, please. I’d like to introduce you to the reason I’m waiting till New Year’s Eve to publish my best albums of the year list – I’m From Barcelona. If you’re a lover of indie-pop or twee, I’d like to introduce you to a band that will make your day.

Apparently (I can’t read the language, sorry!), I’m From Barcelona are a Swedish pop collective that believe in love, happiness and beautiful songs. Think Polyphonic Spree or Architecture in Helsinki instrumentation, but Boy Least Likely To songwriting. Oh happy day!

MP3: I’m From Barcelona – We’re From Barcelona
I believe that “We’re From Barcelona” is what Architecture in Helsinki would sound like if they decided to make the jump to twee. The production is wonderful and it’ll help rescue your heart from the freezing maw of winter. Remember all the flipping out I did about Oh No! Oh My!’s song “Walk In The Park?” Well, this one is every bit as good and I’ll be insulted on their behalf if you don’t download it right away.

MP3: I’m From Barcelona – Treehouse
Cuuuute. Kinda reminds me of the male half of Rilo Kiley (what’s his name again?) singing Lucksmiths’ lyrics.

MP3: I’m From Barcelona – Chicken Pox

Swedes Please was all over this band back in September. I’m so late ;)

6 thoughts on “I’m From Barcelona”

  1. I think I’m just doomed to suffer from the freezing maw of winter, because the first song didn’t really do it for me. I liked the other two much better though. “Treehouse” reminds me of that New Radicals album that came out 6-7 years ago. I like “Chickenpox”… the tempo is more suited to my current mood. I guess I’ll probably spend my afternoon listening to Smog or Silver Jews or something.

    Oh, and as for Blake Sennett… Matt, you need to check out the new album from The Elected that’s coming out soon. It’s darn good.

  2. I know. My life can be summed up by ‘minus 3 indie points’ haha.

    Yeah, I’ve heard good stuff about that new album. Has it leaked? Can someone email me a good song?

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