Rogue Wave, “March”

This post is in honor of Indie Interviews posting their podcast interview with Rogue Wave. Garrison sent me this song, “March,” wich was only featured on a comp album put out by the magazine Comes With a Smile. I got it today and it’s already one of my favorite Rogue Wave songs.

MP3: Rogue Wave – March

Here’s that interview again.

Also, as part of the Twelve Days of Mixmas, I’ll be uploading some things that I commonly get requests for. I’ll most likely be tossing up the Sufjan live videos, NMH video, CHSY new songs and other assorted junk. So if there’s something that you want, now’s the time to let me know!

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4 thoughts on “Rogue Wave, “March””

  1. Great song.

    I’d like to hear the new CYHSY songs, if you don’t mind. If you also happen to have a file of Byrne’s “Glass, Concrete & Stone,” that’d be great, since I’ve been looking for it. I had been looking for a decent “Cut Your Hair” .mp3 for quite a while, and you ended up posting one, so I thank you for that.

    Have a great holiday.

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