East River Pipe

East River Pipe has an interesting little coming out soon called What Are You On?. As you might suspect, the album is choc full of drug references. In fact, that first thing that hit me while listening to it is the idea that we’re all addicted to something, but he’s just more up front about it.

MP3: East River Pipe – What Does T.S. Elliot Know About You?
Dear God, have the Walkmen have put aside their clunky piano and distorted guitars and switched over to acoustics? Vocally ‘What Does T.S. Elliot…’ sounds like it might be more at home on Bows and Arrows than on this ‘pop’ album. But they work well with the song so I can’t complain. Lyrically I can’t decide if this song is more an indictment of people who catch onto cool things without understanding their value; or someone who needs to be a glam queen. But like any good work of art, it’s open to interpretation, and won’t lose its value depending on how you see it.

MP3: East River Pipe – The Ultrabright B*tch
No trouble interpreting this one. Those of you in mansions might want to skip this track, as it pretty much has it in for the rich folk. Luckily, it’s so cutely arranged and sung that if you don’t pay attention, you might not even notice that he’s trying to tear society a new one.

SGH posted a song that I’m in love with. Go here to check out The Aislers Set. It would have fit in wonderfully with yesterday’s twee mix.

You know that a new Sufjan song is a big deal, right? Well Chris sure knows it too. I guess that’s why he put it online ;)

LHB listed his Holiday Guide. Gooood picks. Myself, I’m looking at these Katamari knit hats and can’t help but smile.

Dodge has The Postal Service covering Lennon.

Muzzle of Bees is spreading his year end albums list out. Props to him for fighting the standard!

My friend Matt has linked to an amusing fan video for Arcade Fire’s ‘Rebellion (Lies)’

10 thoughts on “East River Pipe”

  1. i got this east river pipe album in the mail last week, and i’m quite enjoying it. (btw, you’ve got the ultrabright bi*** song linked to the wrong title, and vice versa)

  2. Awesome songs, awesome post Matt. I hate to continue the correcting trend, but it’s T.S Eliot. I know, it makes little sense, but names of famous authors rarely do. Yeats is pronounced Yates, Proust is pronounced Proost, etc. It’s all intended to confuse. Still a cool song, regardless.

  3. yes! katamari! i’m totally sold.

    by the way, i have a LOT of decemberists covers on the blog today. including some from the …sings morrissey EP as well. just thought i’d let you know. :)

  4. Every book written by Thomas Stearns Eliot, reads T.S. Eliot, NOT T.S Eliot. Those East River Pipe cuts are excellent, by the way.

  5. Every Thomas Stearns Eliot I’ve ever seen says “T.S.”, not “T.S”, as mentioned before. And yes, those East River Pipe songs are excellent.

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