The Currents, “Drifting”

Mysteries are cool. Lord knows I love me some Sherlock Holmes. However, here’s one mystery that I don’t enjoy: I can’t find anything about The Currents. One of my friends sent me this track two nights ago and only said this about them: “Imagine what the blue album would sound like if Weezer listened to The Pixies less and The Cars more.” Sounds appealing, no? Well hopefully either he’ll get online today or one of you can offer up a little info.

MP3: The Currents – Drifting
For a band that I can’t find a website for, The Currents sure do have their stuff together. My only real concern is that the song seems to slowly turn from something unique and interesting (first verse with light acoustic, piano and vocals) into a cookie-cutter Weezer rip off. Still, it’s a pretty good little pop tune; especially considering that even this kicks the crap out of anything that Weezer’s done in the past three years.

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BONUS MP3: XTC – I’m The Man Who Murdered Love
As a couple of you might remember, I’m just now getting into XTC. Well this song has helped me fall in love even faster. Yeah, the chorus is super catchy and the topic of the song is as witty as any Smiths song; but I’ve got to say that the verses make this the classic that it is. ‘I put a bullet in his sugar head/He thanked me kindly then he laid down dead’ It doesn’t get any better than that, people.
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14 thoughts on “The Currents, “Drifting””

  1. top 5 XTC songs:

    5: Senses working overtime (from English Settlement)
    4: The Disappointed (From Nonsuch)
    3: Wrapped in Grey (Nonsuch)
    2: Dear God (Skylarking)
    1: Easter Theatre (From Apple Venus Vol.1: a pure masterpiece!)

  2. hahaha. youre probably the only person that can open a post with those two sentences and still have one of the most visited blogs on the internet.
    way to go.

  3. the currents were a band fronted by chris voss, aka trouble becomes joy on the rcb. i’m pretty sure they broke up.

  4. It’s hard to go wrong with most XTC songs… so let me suggest five more:

    5: Making Plans for Nigel (Drums & Wires)
    4: Generals and Majors (Black Sea)
    3: Earn Enough for Us (Skylarking)
    2: The Mayor of Simpleton (Oranges & Lemons)
    1: Dear Madame Barnum (Nonsuch)

    There’s also a new track called Spiral, which you can download from here (quality’s not the best, but good enough to give you a taste):


  5. Wendy’s (unobvious) XTC picks:

    1. English Roundabout (English Settlement)
    2. Burning with Optimism’s Flames (Black Sea)
    3. Earn Enough for Us (Skylarking)
    4. Outside World (Drums & Wires)
    5. I’d Like That (Apple Venus)

  6. You posted “Drifting”! Haaaaaaaaaha….oh man, yes, the anonymous poster is correct, The Currents was Chris Voss’ band, and they have broken up. I haven’t been able to find Chris in forever, maybe this will bring him out. If you want the rest of that album and a ton of demos, let me know.

  7. Since you’ve started in reverse chronological, you should continue on that way…as you go father back it gets more new wave/punk…sooo good. My fav album is English Settlement but Nonsuch and Apple Venus 1 are both quite lovely.

    Harvest Festival-AV Vol.1

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