Mommy and Daddy

I was browsing around WOXY today when I saw a familiar name – Mommy and Daddy. You see, they came to the Dame not too long ago. But like the fool I am, I didn’t go to the show because I wasn’t that familiar with them. Thankfully, seeing their name on WOXY inspired me to check them out, albeit a couple months too late. Still, I’m glad I finally got turned on to them. They’ve got some driving bass lines and thundering drum work. But where most loud, powerful bands frequently gets too focused in volume and not enough in depth of musical ability, Mommy and Daddy aren’t your typical band. Each song is choc full of curves and great chord progressions. But more than that, it’s also dancable.

MP3: Mommy and Daddy – Confection
I hadn’t heard but 10 seconds of this song on Mommy and Daddy’s Myspace before I knew I’d be posting it on YANP. It won me over that quickly. This song would sandwich nicely between DFA1979 and Thunderbirds Are Now! for your next mixtape. It’s powerful, but still booty-shakingly good.

Mommy and Daddy on Myspace

So what goes better with a Mommy and Daddy post than a dash of Sons and Daughters? Nothing, that’s what.

MP3: Son and Daughters – Medicine

Here’s a great article written by Damian Kulash of the band OK Go in response to the Sony DRM fiasco. It’s well thought out and startlingly passionate. I highly suggest reading this from start to finish (via BB)

Frank muses on the new X3 trailer. Methinks it looks pretty darn good. My friend Joe and I sat around for five minutes pointing at the screen going ‘Juggernaught…Jubilee…Angel…’ until we’d named everyone that we could.

Phony Nowhere posted on The Physics of Meaning, a cool band with a bit of a country tilt.

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  1. WOXY posted a podcast of their live session in their lounge. You can get it, or just subscribe, via iTunes.

  2. mommy and daddy are great. i didn’t get to see their show at mac’s the other week (my friends in NOMO and calliope were playing the next night), but i think they’re great.

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