We Are Scientists – 11.6.05 @ Jillians, Louisville, KY

Ever notice how some of the most powerful things in nature seem to take only a very short amount of time? Well the show put on by We Are Scientists at Jillians’ was no different. Much in the manner of a bolt of lightning, or shark bite, these three lads from Brooklyn let loose a tremendous amount of energy very, very quickly.

If comparing We Are Scientists to a force of nature sounds a bit extreme, then you’ve obviously never seen their live show. Lead singer/guitarist Keith Murray is without a doubt the most energetic, passionate frontman that I’ve ever seen. His signature guitar sound and heartfelt vocals were matched only by his amazing stage presence. But it wasn’t a one man show; drummer Michael Tapper and bassist Chris Cain were a vital part of the mix as well. In fact, I think it might have been the rhythm section that won over most of the audience.

From the very get-go, the band was rushed. They arrived twenty minutes late and were forced to cut four songs from their setlist. However, the result was strangely fitting and highly impressive. Maybe it was the urgent need to squeeze out five songs, or their naturally electric personalities; but they definetely played like their lives depended on it. Probably the only pauses that the band took were for for lead singer, Keith, to wipe his sweat-drenched hair from his eyes before launching into their next song.

Due to their shortened setlist, some amazing songs had to be cut out. Thankfully for We Are Scientists, their catalogue is full of them. Older fan favorites like “This Scene is Dead” gave the audience a great introduction into their pop side, right before being rocked by the new hit, “Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt.” Since the song has been getting its well-deserved airplay on MTVu, it was no surprise to see that a lot of the crowd seemed familiar with the tune. But even their material which hasn’t yet been featured on MTV, such as the bass-heavy song “Inaction,” managed to move even the most sceptical of the audience.

It has been noted in several British publications that We Are Scientists have become a moderately-sized hit in the UK, but still remain virtually unknown in their home country. Well if the audience’s reaction to their Louisville show was any indication, this might not be the case for very long. In fact, the front row was a unique blend of teenage girls and twenty-something college elitists – but both groups seemed united in their acceptance of We Are Scientists. Maybe that’s what makes them so special. You don’t have to be an indie snob or a teenybopper to appreciate them. All you need is an ear for good music, and a butt for shaking.

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My friends and I got to take Keith to Taco Bell after they got done playing. We missed the Redwalls, but hey…it’s Keith and it’s Taco Bell. I’d miss my own wedding for Taco Bell.

5 thoughts on “We Are Scientists – 11.6.05 @ Jillians, Louisville, KY”

  1. Very cool, makes me twice as sad about how they cancelled the last leg of that one tour…

    Taco Bell – you can do better, come to Texas and try our stuff. With your love for Taco Bell, you’ll probably end up staying here – Austin has a good music scene too =P…

  2. If anything, comparing We Are Scientists to a force of nature is an understatement! I saw them a few weeks ago and they were astounding.
    Great post and pictures!

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