Old, Unreleased NMH Songs Surface

A little background info before we get to the songs. A little while ago, this message was posted on the E6 Townhall. It lead to great discussion and the discovery that the girl (Shannon) had a tape of Jeff’s demos which was unheard in the NMH community. She’s been nice enough to make some of these songs available on her site as well as to email songs to Dodge and myself (though Hotmail nearly foiled her plans).

So before you go any further, go read Shannon’s post and learn the history of these songs. Then download the three that she posted there: “Gardenhead,” “Circle of Friends,” and “Now I’m Going Down.”

Then go to NeutralMilkHotel.org and download “Arm So Real.”

Next, it’s time to go to Dodge’s post to pick up “Say Goodnight.”

Finally it’s time to come back here and snag this one.

MP3: Neutral Milk Hotel – (Shannon’s Monroe House Demos) 14 – Dead Dog

Unrelated Note: The next of Muzzle of Bee’s series of ‘Get To Know Your Blogger’ has been posted (read Chris’ interview here). Strangely enough, it’s me.

Colin Meloy @ The Zoo 8/10/05 (Includes New Songs)

So to celebrate the “recent” Colin Meloy solo dates, here’s another spectacular CM solo show. For those of you who follow the Decemberists rather closely, you’ll no doubt realize that ‘Colin solo show’ is basically code for ‘new songs debuted here.’ “Shankill Butchers,” “Valencia” and the newish song “Bandit Queen” (it’s only on the little Picaresque bonus EP in the vinyl, so I’ll count it).

So if you like the Decemberists, snag this bootleg quickly. If you have a pulse and live near any of these cities, you’d better buy a ticket pronto. As always, support the artists that you download recordings of; their shop is here. Go wild.

And on one of the weirder notes here at YANP, we have a Craigslist kinda thing going on. My online friend/reader/business partner Julie has accidently purchased two tickets for Colin Meloy’s solo show in LA. She got them for $20 apiece and she’s looking for someone to buy one off of her. She said she’d prefer a tall, dark, Meloy-esque man to be her date, but I think she’ll settle for someone normal of either gender. Also, if you write her a haiku in your email, she might cut the price to $15. Email her at julie@3jane.com for more details.

ZIP: Colin Meloy @ The Zoo, Seattle WA 8.10.05 (61mb)
01 – Intro
02 – Leslie Ann Levine
03 – Eli, The Barrow Boy
04 – The Apology Song
05 – Shiny
06 – Shankill Butchers
07 – Valencia
08 – Bandit Queen
09 – The Gymnast, High Above the Ground
10 – Southern Girls (Cheap Trick cover)

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New Belle and Sebastian Song: “Another Sunny Day”

Apparently Belle and Sebastian‘s new album The Life Pursuit leaked. My basis for this claim? Someone sent me one of the songs from it. I’ll admit that I was a bit skeptical, especially after the let down that was “The Eighth Station of the Cross Kebab House,” their addition to the Help compilation. Fortunately, “Another Sunny Day” is every bit as good as the live version that I posted back a month or two ago. This has got my mouth salavating to hear the rest of the album. Feb 7th can’t come fast enough.

MP3: Belle and Sebastian – Another Sunny Day
There’s so many things going on here that I don’t know where to begin. For starters, there is some wild backing guitar in the right channel that’s got me mesmerized. Also, there’s some great vocal work here, but you can basically expect that with any B&S song. All in all, I give it two thumbs up.

Bonus MP3: Belle and Sebastian – Another Sunny Day (live)

Again I state, if anyone in the band or even remotely associated with the band has a problem with me posting this, just dash me an email and it’ll be taken down immediately. I always get nervous when I post songs that are sent to me, but this was too good to pass up. I want no legal troubles, I’m just trying to get people excited for their future release. But it’ll be down within three or so days, so hopefully no one will get upset over it.

Also in B&S news: the band’s live performance of If You’re Feeling Sinister in its entirity will be released as an internet-only download to raise money for charity. More info

In non-B&S news: this mash up of Queen and 50 Cent is insane. Check out the front and back images.

The Octopus Project

So about two weeks ago I was browsing the used bin at CD Central. I found something that looked quite cool – One Ten Hundred Thousand Million by The Octopus Project. Unfortunately for me, I went on CD Central’s computer and found out that the album is basically all instrumental. Then I let my prevailing prejudice against instrumentals influence me not to buy the album. Had I not learned my lesson from Ratatat? Instrumentals are sweet.

MP3: The Octopus Project – Music Is Happiness
MP3: The Octopus Project – The Adjustor

More MP3s at their music page.

Tonight at UK they’re showing The 40 Year Old Virgin at Worsham Theater for $1. Excited does not begin to describe how I feel. That movie is like wow.

BV seems to think that the Decemberists are moving to Capitol. I think they’ll make a move in the near future. If that’s the label they go to is still up in the air.

Download the Sufjan Christmas Albums (via)

Pants Yell!

So the guys over at the Secret Unicorns Forum are always raving about Pants Yell!, but due to my self-imposed restriction on illegal downloading, I’d never really gotten to listen to them. Thankfully one of my friends was able to send me a highlight or two, and now I too am convinved of their superiority.

Twee, cute, pop; these are all words that people will no doubt throw around when discussing Pants Yell! Strangely enough, each describes a part of the band, but is drastically lacking overall. Yes, they’re pretty cutesy and you’ll probably get a smile on your face in the first ten seconds of ‘The Not So City Life;’ but unlike your typlical twee fair, there’s depth present as well.

MP3: Pants Yell! – The City Life
Most of the bands I have the pleasure to write about on YANP seem content to use a G-C-D chord progression to deliver their message. Pants Yell! are not most bands. “The City Life” reminds me of a Shins song, but with the Lucksmiths singing it. It’s one of their most powerful (that I’ve heard anyways), but it still manages to be soft and amiable.

MP3: Pants Yell! – The Not So City Life
Handclaps and acoustic guitars are like food and water for twee bands, but most find some way to foul it up or make them just plain boring. Fortunately for us, Pants Yell! are able to combine them with some delightful lyrics and form a delicious little pop song. The only bad thing I can say about it? It’s too darn short. 1:55 is such a tease, guys! Hehe.

Oh, Pants Yell! are going to be playing with Islands in Cambridge, MA. More info here.

Let it also be noted that Pants Yell! are part of the Asaurus Records family which includes other YANP-favorite, Elliott the Letter Ostrich. You should hit up their store and snag some goodies. I suggest: PANTS YELL! ’83 in ’03, ELLIOT THE LETTER OSTRICH – Blood Cape, and their 3-disk compliation You Already Have Too Many CDRs, which I’m about to purchase for only $8

Bonus MP3: Pants Yell! – My Boyfriend Writes Plays
Bonus MP3: Pants Yell! – Onward, Sailboat

Matt over at Skatterbrain has posted the official video for Wolf Parade’s Shine a Light. It’s so bad that it made me wish I were being devoured by real wolves. (note: he also made a “Best of the Rest” of 2005 list. My favorite category: “Best Year of 2005” [the winner was 2005])

Matt also pointed me to this CMG list of the ‘Top 12 Songs on OK Computer.’ I disagree with their list, mostly the placement of ‘Electioneering’ and ‘Exit Music’ so low on the list.

Sufjan Stevens Vinyl Bonus Track

I usually don’t hit up Against the Grain that much, seeing as how it’s mostly full albums (and I don’t download them). However, he posted one mp3 that I liked a great deal: a bonus song from the Illinois vinyl. If you dig the tune, are a vinyl collector or just want something big for Sufjan to sign, you can buy the LP here.

MP3: Sufjan Stevens – The Avalanche

Oh snap! QC is definetely in for a big change-up: Faye and Marten are having ‘the talk’

Also, I bought Minus Story’s album No Rest For Ghosts the other day. It’s quite delicious. Strongly suggested for Okkervil River fans.

MP3: Minus Story – Little Wet Head

Transmissions From My Satellite House

As one last post before I go back to college, I’d like to highlight two songs I rediscovered while at home. You see, I’ve got my old computer here (think 2000 area) with songs that I haven’t listened to in two years. So I got a flashback into songs that I really loved before I left for college last year. Here are two that I’d forgotten how much I loved.

MP3: The Flaming Lips – Turn It On (4.3mb)
Whereas I’m sure Transmissions From The Satellite Heart was your first introduction to the Lips, it was actually one of my last stops (I proceeded backwards from Yoshimi…). Not only did that album have “She Don’t Use Jelly,” but it’s choc full of underrated gems like “Turn It On.” I can’t wait until I start DJing at WRFL again so that I can put this on and crank the playback speakers. (Buy Transmissions From the Satellite Heart)

MP3: Sunny Day Real Estate – Rain Song (3.7mb)
I think this song is probably the worst representation of SDRE’s sound that you could possibly find. Strangely, it’s also my favorite song of theirs. To this day I’m mesmerized by the guitar arrangement (long after I found tabs, learned it and then forgot it) and the vocals. It’s a lovely song through and through (Buy The Rising Tide).

BONUS MP3: John Mayer – Kid A (Radiohead cover)
I spoke too quickly. I also love this acoustic cover of “Kid A” done by John Mayer. Truthfully, I hate the original and never understood any of the lyrics until I got ahold of this.

UNRELATED NOTE: I noticed something funny on Thunderbirds Are Now!’s myspace page. Under ‘Sounds Like’ they have this quotation: ‘I miss the dance-punk nihilism of their pre-Justamustache days.‘ That sounded quite familiar to me. Well sure enough, Vic said that on my post about the new TAN! song, “Make History” (which you can still download from there). Oh those silly guys.

Goblet of Fire Tunes for Download

So I’m assuming most of you have seen Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by now. Heck, I don’t even read the books and I’ve seen it twice. But if you have, you no doubt remember the surprisingly good tunes performed by Johnny and Phil of Radiohead and Jarvis Cocker of Pulp (nice eye-liner all around). Anyways, the nice folks over at Analog Arts Ensemble were nice enough to host the three new songs. I’m particularly thrilled to hear the full version of “Do the Hippogriff.”

Download the songs here

The Lost Patrol Band

So Ian MacKaye might have founded some some amazingly influential bands in his sleep, but Dennis Lyxzén just might be Sweden’s answer. After starting the hardcore band Refused and establishing punk rockers The (International) Noise Conspiracy as a world power, Lyxzen released ‘solo’ albums as The Lost Patrol Band.

Quite simply, The Lost Patrol Band is some simple, pop music. Sure, it might lack the punch of T(I)NC or the bite of Refused, but there’s something undeniably catchy about TLPB. For starters, it shows that Dennis isn’t a one trick pony; he’s as comfortable doing the pop thing as he is rocking your face off.

MP3: Alright
MP3: Going Going Gone

TLPB on Myspace

Best name for a blog ever?