Rogue Wave – “Publish My Love”

Can I admit my ignorance about Rogue Wave without losing what little indie cred I have? My first introduction to the band was when Sub Pop posted their song “10:1” on their website. However, since then I’ve learned to love their cover of “Everyday” that was featured on the Stubbs the Zombie Soundtrack, and the band as a whole.

But when I heard their song “Publish My Love,” I was smitten. It sounds like everything that was great about the 80s, mixed with a great melody. The chorus is simply fantasic, you guys. And thanks to the power of begging for MP3s, I’ve got it for you all to download as well.

MP3: Rogue Wave – Publish My Love

Also, if you missed it, here’s the song Sub Pop posted a month or two ago, also from the new album. If you want further listening, check out their “secret” Myspace page to hear this, their cover of “Everyday,” and an unreleased song called “Eyes.”

MP3: Rogue Wave – 10:1

pse: I gave a speech in my public speaking class on music blogs. I used YANP as my visual aid lol The best part was that I got an A on it. Oh, hello to any of my classmates that might be reading this ;)

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  1. Congratulations on getting an A on your speech. I did a speech on compact discs when I was in college (hey, it was a long long time ago!), but I think I only got a C+. Glad you finally discovered Rogue Wave, and thanks for letting us hear a sneak preview of this fine track from the next album.

  2. I posted a review of the new album on my blog about 30 seconds before I came to check your site…what a bizarre coincidence.

    The album is really, really great — the second half is more acoustic, but it’s just as good, and you should definitely pick up a copy when it comes out next week.

  3. I hope the people in your class know you rock ass and that you’re an Internet God.

    That reminds me, I once did a powerpoint on Croquet for a technology and education class. People did it on a bunch of issues and methods of teaching, and I walk up and do Croquet.


  4. Having seen them live twice now, I haven’t been too impressed…

    …maybe they sound better recorded?


  5. The 10:1 song sounds fantastic.. but then it goes to crap at the end with their fiddling about. I hate it when bands do that. 2 or so minutes is fine, leave as is, don’t worry! Instead they decide, hey, let’s bring on the suck at the end! (sigh)

  6. hey matt,

    i got an advance copy of the new rogue wave cd to review for our radio station. I can affirm that the whole thing is quite good. The Shins with a dash of John Vanderslice-ish electro-noodling.

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