New Rinse Song, “Young Offender”

If they haven’t already, the British are bound to fall for The Rinse. “Young Offender” has everything that they seem to go nuts for: a danceable beat, good hook, a bouncing chorus and some great vocals. Actually, wait. Isn’t that what everyone’s looking for in a good pop song?

MP3: The Rinse – Young Offender (5mb)

Well, inside sources (their drummer) tell me that “Young Offender” might very well wind up being their first UK single. So for you Brits that read this, start learning some dance moves now, cuz’ you’ll need them when this hits the radio. And Lord knows you’re almost as bad at dancing as we Yanks are.

pse: The Rinse are huge on Myspace. Check their profile to see tour dates, new songs, etc.

3 thoughts on “New Rinse Song, “Young Offender””

  1. Pop rock gold. That bassline has some snap to it, and they rock just enough to let us know that they aren’t some nancy-boy black-nail-polish sporting jerks.

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