Four New CYHSY Songs!

I love having a blog. Because when you have a blog, sometimes thoughtful people like Rich email you to say that they recorded four new Clap Your Hands Say Yeah songs from last night’s show. I don’t know if any of these have been recorded yet (I think SSD was floating around the ‘net), but these are all VERY high quality so you might want to grab them anyways.

Cigarettes (Atlanta 10-15-2005)
Graceful Retreat (Atlanta 10-15-2005)
Me and You, Watson (Atlanta 10-15-2005)
Satan Said Dance(Atlanta 10-15-2005)

Now, I’ve never been a huge CYHSY fan, but some of these are really good stuff. “Satan Said Dance” and “Me and You Watson” are especially worth your time. They sound like your regular CYHSY, but mixed with a healthy dose of Wolf Parade.

26 thoughts on “Four New CYHSY Songs!”

  1. Oh, also… “Graceful Retreat” may sound a little truncated at the end because it segued into “Is This Love?” pretty seamlessly.

    If anybody wants to seed the full show for a torrent, I’d be happy to upload .shn or .flac files to them. I also have the Ambulance LTD set from last night but haven’t cut it into tracks yet.

    rlvining (at) gmail (dot) com

  2. thanks Matt, and a big thanks to Rich! I’d love to get a torrent of the whole show, Rich. you can e-mail me, or just leave a comment here, as I’m sure others are interested in a torrent as well.

  3. these guys suck. but i guess people are always looking for some shitty indie band with a ridiculous name to get behind and try to look cool. if that is correct, you picked a hell of a band to do it. there’s none shittier.

  4. I agree with anonymous. How are so many people oblivious to the fact that these songs sound like boring rehashes of old indie rock and hoss can’t sing for shiiit?

  5. yeah, his voice sounds awful. this crap is completely unlistenable but I’m assuming thats why most “cool indie” fans like it because they know theres not a chance anyone else will.

  6. that’s true, the only people you are concerned with what they think are other “cool indie” people as yourself. “How can i impress people by listening to obscure crappy music? Well, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah has a really shitty name and they sound worse than there name! This is the best band ever!”

  7. yeah so i sent you an email about how these links didn’t work for me, but i was able to listen to them somewhere else–just not download–and i’d just like to say that for anyone who’s interested, the version here of “graceful retreat” really doesn’t make it sound that great. his vocals on the KCRW version are packed with a lot more energy, and (that version of) it has actually become one of my favorites of their lineup.

    the song is super top. totally listen to the kcrw podcast everyone. it’s the first song.

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