VHS or Beta @ The Dame 10.8.05

VHS or Beta absolutely slayed the sold-out crowd at The Dame. With an excellent opening act by The Parlour Boys (post coming on them once I get some mp3s), this might have been my favorite Dame show since Clem Snide/Marbles. The only standout information of the show I have is that:

  • it was one of the VHS or Beta guys’ birthdays
  • they did a cool lead-in to “Night On Fire” that has raised the bar for every dance-punk band I’ll ever see
  • girls (and a guy?) jumped on stage and danced along during their encore song

    More VHS or Beta pictures: VHSoB01 | VHSoB02 | VHSoB03

    MP3: VHS or Beta – Night on Fire

    So this post over at Brooklyn Vegan got me thinking about my favorite venues in Lexington. You know, I guess I’d have to give it to The Dame. I don’t really like seated venues, so all the UK theaters are out. In addition, the raised stage is a must. I saw Holopaw play at this loft called Underlying Themes, and I realized that I don’t really like to be eye to eye with the band. I guess that really only leaves Quest Community Church and The Dame. Even though Quest DID bring Bishop Allen, I’ve still got to lean more towards The Dame. Also, it helps that I “work” there.

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    1. quest is no longer doing shows. The Dame is the only actual Music venue… all the rest are just spaces that could be used as venues…

    2. The Wrocklage and Lynagh’s were the cool kid venues when I was at UK. Cut Corner was the bee’s knees for music before CD Central moved in.

    3. Cut Corner went to shit for about a year before they closed. It was a good place to find bargains, but was SUCH a mess, even when things were going good. All things considered, I think Lex is better off with CD Central in that space than Cut Corner.

      While at UK, I lived just blocks from Lynaghs during their alt.country heyday. We were there weekly to see Whiskeytown, V-Roys, Bottle Rockets, etc., etc. That was just about all there was back then (this was post-Wrocklage).

      Haven’t been to The Dame (I’ve moved across the country now) but their schedule usually looks pretty decent. But Lex needs a good indie-rock club, for sure…

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