Devin Davis Music Video, “Giant Spiders”

I’ve never gone from happy, to sad, back to happy to quickly as I did just now. I got a nice email telling me that Devin Davis had an animated video for “Giant Spiders,” so I was pretty excited. However, this video is of sub-par quality and really not that entertaining. Sounds mean to say, but it’s true. But then I had a revelation: some of you might not be familiar with this song.

So for those of you who haven’t yet experienced the magic…

MP3: Devin Davis – Giant Spiders

And those die-hard fans who want a good laugh can go here to view a bad flash video for a great song.

Happy Halloween: Elliott the Letter Ostrich

If Halloween had a soundtrack, it would be Blood Cape by Elliott the Letter Ostrich. These crazy cats sound like a blend of Meatloaf and The Unicorns, and while they occasionally might make you laugh, there’s no kidding around when it comes to their music. Blood Cape‘s subject matter is just as dark as its name implies. The focus is on vampires, baronesses, and some delightfully gothic and morbid subjects. However, even songs about knife fights are likely to bring a smile to your face; for that is the magic of Elliott the Letter Ostrich.

Pink Dracula
Do the Reign in Blood

Buy Blood Cape at Asaurus!

New Marbles Halloween Song, “Dracula”

This weekend Robert Schneider once again proved that he’s the nicest guy in the music biz by releasing a Halloween song for free online. Being the hip guy that he is, it was originally sent to the E6 Townhall’s Gmail account, but some evil doer changed the password. So he was nice enough to email me the song to host here, as well as setting up his own account if there are any troubles. Read the details here.

MP3: Marbles – Dracula (2.3mb)

It’s surprisingly a really great song. I’m always afraid of corny holiday songs, but this would stand up no matter what time of year. It’s definetely very Apples in stereo, but more than anything it sounds like The Cars. Snag this one and be sure to spin it on Halloween!

Colin Meloy @ Schuba’s Tavern – Chicago, IL

Here’s a wonderful recording of a Colin Meloy solo show soon after he recorded his Moz covers EP. It’s choc full of songs that never seem to get enough time in the Decemberists’ setlist (Trapeze, Gymnast, etc), Moz covers, and all around awesome tunes. This is a must have for Decemberists fans.

ZIP: Colin Meloy – Live at Schuba’s Tavern in Chicago (120mb)
03-Prologue to Apology Song
04-Apology Song
05-Epilogue to Apology
06-My Mother Was a Chinese Trapeze Artist
07-Talking about Chinese Trapese Artist
08-The Gymnast, High Above the Ground
09-Have You Sent Morrissey a Copy?
10-Sister, I’m a Poet
12-I’ve Changed My Plea to Guilty
14-Los Angeles, I’m Yours
16-A Cautionary Song
17-Nothing’s Too Silly for a Decemberists Song
18-The Bandit Queen
19-Very Touching
20-The Bachelor and the Bride
21-The Dulcet Tones of Chris Funk
22-Eli the Barrow Boy
23-Getting Colder, Getting Less Entertained
24-The Engine Driver
26-California One/YABB
27-Um, Hey
28-Grace Cathedral Hill
29-We Have Tricks
30-Of Angels and Angles

See the tracklist

NOTE: I don’t have the date for this, so if anyone can enlighten me, that’d be groovy. Also, there’s a very, very slim chance that this file might be corrupted or something. If it doesn’t work, try downloading it again and then leave a comment. I’ll see what can be done about that.

Central Services

Central Services are a perfect Seattle band: great pop tunes with a brain to back them up. KEXP has already picked up on their goodness by adding their new song, “Song 89,” to their rotation. Now if only some record label would tune in and sign these guys. I mean, one of the Math and Physics Club fellas is in here as well. What more do you want, nameless record label executives?

She Was My Ride
Something Simple

Central Services on Myspace

Euros Childs (Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci) to Release Solo Album

(From NME)

Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci frontman Euros Childs is set to release his first solo album in February 2006.

The singer will precede the release of the as-yet-untitled LP with a single, ‘Donkey Island’, on November 28 and will go on a short UK tour starting that day.

Childs revealed the inspiration behind the single, saying, “I was on holiday once, I can’t remember if it was in Turkey or Greece, but a bloke was selling trips to ‘donkey island’, and I envisaged someone being shipwrecked and having to adapt”.

More details and tour dates can be found at NME’s post.

Band Updates and My New Ulysses Poster

Michael Nau of Page France does the ‘Said the Guests’ over at STG.

The Light Footwork have started a cool, Jones Soda-ish contest on their website. If you send in your photos, they might be featured on the front page of their website. However, the real prize is that they’re going to pick their favorite to be the cover of their tour EP.

The Rentals are working on a new album. Return of the Rentals, indeed!

Rivers talks a lot. Also, did you know Make Believe has sold almost 800,000 copies already? That’s…that’s just wrong. (via LHB)

Locksley updated their tour journal with a funny Lexington entry. I was even mentioned. Tee hee.

Hanging Halloween dummy wasn’t a dummy…


So Chris at Eenie Meenie has made my day once again. He kept asking for my mailing address, and I kept forgetting to send it to him. Well I finally got my act together, and got my package in today. He mailed me a Ulysses promotional poster signed by all the members of the band. At the risk of turning into one of those self-indulgent blogs, here’s a funny photo of me posing with my new prize.

Now here’s where I need your help. This makes like, the umpteenth screen printed poster that I have. But see, I don’t really have a way to display them without damaging them. Framing them is out, because that costs a bit of money. I thought about using push pins or those sticky things, but that’s going to damage it, and plus I’ll be moving out in a semester. So if any of you are aware of a cheap alternative to framing that won’t damage the screen prints, please bring it to my attention. I’ve got some Low, Animal Collective, Ullysses and other posters that are just begging to be protected for future generations of little Matts (which at this rate will never be born).

On a related note, Eenie Meenie is running a Blue-Eyed Son contest over at their site. Prize packs and customized surfboards, oh my!

New Islands Track: Don’t Call Me Whitney, Bobby

This was featured on a Myspace page somewhere, so I’m thinking this is sorta legal. Either way, it’ll be taken down in a week or so.

Anyways, for those of you keeping count, this is the fifth Islands studio track that’s been leaked; but only the third that will actually be on the album. “Don’t Call Me Whitney, Bobby” is a poppy reworking of an older track of the same name. It’s interesting, but definetely my least favorite of all the leaked material.

MP3: Islands – Don’t Call Me Whitney, Bobby

PSE: Sorry if you’ve sent me an email recently and received no reply. I’ve got an inbox FULL of band suggestions, questions and related things. I’m doing my best to get to all of them. I’m not a jerk, I promise!

The Triangles

What’s the matter, hipster? Polyphonic Spree not happy enough? Architecture in Helsinki not quite capture that child-like innosense you’re looking for? Well, you can thank Dean from The Secret Unicorns Forum for bringing The Triangles to my attention.

As is the trend with most bands that make me feel all gooey inside, The Triangles hail from Australia. I’m hoping Architecture in Helsinki will bring them along next time they tour the states. But even if they don’t, at least I have their music – and that’s good enough for me.

Let’s Replace the Cityscapes
Your Heart

NOTE: Since I probably won’t be doing a review of the Cat Power show (no photos = no review), here are some key points:
-she covered a Will Oldham song, “All I Have to Do Is Dream,” and half of “House of the Rising Sun.” “All I Have to Do Is Dream” was done on the piano and actually really good.
-we figured she drank a lot right before coming out, because she actually got more drunk as the show went along, even though she never drank while on stage
-“The Greatest” was wonderful. Most of the other songs got cut off, turned into a medley, or performed at a sub-par level