Dressy Bessy @ The Dame, 9/20/05

Indie rock has never been about being cool. But while the members of Dressy Bessy might be a bit shy or occasionally awkward off the stage, once they picked up their instruments, every trace of their nerdy alter-egos was gone. Throughout the night, lead singer Tammy Ealom would alternate between acting like a sugary-sweet schoolgirl, and hard-hitting Rock Goddess. In a way, that’s the duality of Dressy Bessy – a band that’ll charm your pants off, then knock your socks off.

As has been the norm in Lexington as of late, Dressy Bessy’s audience was steeped in as much rock history as the band they came to see. Ben Allen (of local heros, The Elephants) danced his goofy dance alongside Robert Schneider of the Apples in stereo. But more than anything, the mass of hipsters in attendance seemed to be completely entranced by the members of Dressy Bessy. From the goofy smiles and expert guitar work of John Hill, to Tammy Ealom’s cute grins and leg kicks, each member brought something to the table.

While not an expert on Dressy Bessy’s discography, I was more than happy with their setlist for the night. Newer hits from Electrified fit nicely alongside their classic counterparts. Let me tell you, songs like “Side 2” are even more fun in person. It’s very rare that the elitest hipster crowd will bust a move, but a combination of alcohol and pop tunes managed to shake most of the butts in attendance. Also, Dressy Bessy put on a wonderful performance of “Who’d Stop The Rain.” I’d never really noticed it before, but Rob Greene’s excellent bass work really makes that track what it is.

The only bad thing that I can say about Dressy Bessy’s performance is this: I’d never seen them before, but I knew exactly what to expect. Their concert was a straight-forward rock/pop, with no real curve balls thrown to the audience. I’m a little sorry to say that they fell to a minor form of the “sounded exactly like they do on the record” disease. However, I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and guess that they were tired because they just spent the past couple months on the road in tour of a spectacular album.

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WMV: Dressy Bessy – Lexington, 9.26.05 – Just One More

2 thoughts on “Dressy Bessy @ The Dame, 9/20/05”

  1. Well done Matt, Great review!

    I’ve seen them twice in two months, and I really really enjoy their energy. Tammy’s looks of mystique and affirmation really nail the idea home that “We’re all here to rock” – it’s a great experience, I’m glad you enjoyed it…..

  2. I haven’t seen them in about 3 or 4 years (I am Old), but thought that their lack of pretension was a good thing. There are a few bands that can pull off giant bunny heads and whatnot. Most of the others end up making their live shows tedious trying to be clever. Gimme the straight up indie pop any day.

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