Sons and Daughters

So all of college radio just collectively flipped out over Sons and Daughters. In two weeks they’ve managed to climb to #8 on CMJ’s charts (and they were beaten out by such heavy-hitters as Sufjan and the New Pornographers). But I think a little “flipping out” over Sons and Daughters is actually well deserved. They’ve got some really rocking tunes on their latest album, The Repulsion Box. While I randomly downloaded these two songs to as to give you a taste for the album that I’ve not heard all of, I think I picked two winners.

Rama Lama

3 thoughts on “Sons and Daughters”

  1. These tracks are pretty good -winners all. If you can get your hands on Johnny Cash, its a good one too. Yeah I know how funny that looks if you don’t know its the name of a song.

  2. I got my hands on the Johnny Cash video ona Paste magazine DVD and I immediately bought Love the Cup EP. I already love these two songs more than the rest of the stuff on LTC. Can’t wait to get the whole album. The female vocals are so damn gritty and great.

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