Xiu Xiu Pixies Cover?

Anyone able to say yay or nay on if this is actually Xiu Xiu? Either way, it’s interesting. If you take out the random noises, honks, and drum hits it’s actually not that bad.

MP3: Xiu Xiu – Gigantic (Pixies cover)

Real posts coming later – this time I mean it.

EDIT: This page makes me think that it actually is James from Xiu Xiu. Anyone have anything better to say on the matter?

3 thoughts on “Xiu Xiu Pixies Cover?”

  1. yeah, its a really old version of xiu xiu (ten in the swear jar-era)

    the song is actually officially credited to “the-only-guy-in-the-band-who-wants-to-fuck-kim-deal,” which is a great name for a band. sorta

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