New Islands Track, “Bucky Little Wing”

So apparently “Bucky Little Wing” was on a promo cd that’s being passed out by Pop Montreal. I’m taking this as a sign that it’s okay for me to post it on the internet. If this isn’t the case, I’ll remove it immediately. But until I’m notified otherwise, I present to you the latest installment of Islands.

MP3: Islands – Bucky Little Wing (7mb)

It’s a piano piece with a strange combination of memorable/forgettable lyrics. But even so, I still like it. It’s no Unicorns, but I dig it. It definetely sounds different from the other material that we’ve heard from Islands so far.

And speaking of which, I guess it’s also okay for me to upload these other Islands tracks, seeing as how they’re apparently not going to be on their album. Say what you want about me, or about how the XFM Unicorns version is better – but I really like what Islands did with “Abominable Snow.”

Abominable Snow

The Blow

So the cool cats over at the SUF have introduced me to The Blow. Imagine sugary-sweet songwriting in the vein of All Girl Summer Fun Band, but even more catchy. As the title would imply, the songs on Poor Aim:Love Songs are a unique or funny view of love, often with hilariously memorable lyrics. “Hey Boy” won me over because it doesn’t try to be anything spectacularly grand. It seems like it wouldn’t be too out of place on 69 Love Songs. Ah…love songs. I have such a soft spot for you.

Hey Boy

Apollo Sunshine Need Bodies, Parties

Apollo Sunshine are looking for people to appear in a music video for their superb song “Today Is the Day” off their new self-titled album. Any of you in the MA area should write them at to get directions. Apparently food and drink will be provided. They’re shooting this weekend, so hurry!

MP3: Today Is The Day

Also, it looks like the guys have convinced spinART to buy them a keg each night of their tour. The band put out a bulletin on Myspace asking if anyone could throw parties close to venues on their tour. Since they barely come within a state of me, it looking like I won’t be able to catch them this time around. But for those of you who can, take this opportunity and rock out.

Apollo Sunshine Fall Dates
Sep 30 8:00P Andover Town Hall Andover, MA
Oct 5 8:00P Somerville Theater Somerville, MA
Oct 7 9:00P Connecticut College New London,, CT
Oct 8 9:00P Mohawk Place Buffalo, NY
Oct 9 9:00P Beachland Ballroom Cleveland, OH
Oct 10 9:00P Little Brothers Columbus, OH
Oct 11 8:00P Canopy Club Urbana, IL
Oct 12 9:00P Schuba’s Tavern Chicago, IL
Oct 13 8:00P The Ascot Minneapolis, MN
Oct 14 10:00P Gabes Oasis Iowa City, IA
Oct 15 9:00P Mojo’s Columbia, MO
Oct 17 9:00P Hi Dive Denver, CO
Oct 18 8:00P Kilby Court Salt Lake City, UT
Oct 20 9:00P Dante’s Portland, OR
Oct 21 9:00P Sunset Tavern Seattle, WA
Oct 22 9:00P WOW HALL Eugene, OR
Oct 24 9:00P Cafe Du Nord San Francisco, CA
Oct 25 9:00P The Blank Club San Jose, CA
Oct 26 8:00P The Troubadour Hollywood, CA

See Apollo Sunshine’s Tour Schedule

Unicorns Bootleg: Montreal 10.7.03

Since I’m apparently the guy to beg for Unicorns bootlegs (never heard of the SUF?), I figured I’d put one up before I got emailed about it. It’s been about a month since anyone asked for one, so it’s always good to beat your audience to the punch. And before anyone says anything – yes, I know that there are some of you (or at least a very loud one of you) that would kill for those Sufjan videos. I’ll put them back online when I get the chance.

ZIP: The Unicorns – Montreal 10-7-03 (12.2mb)
1 – I Was Born (A Unicorn)
2 – Les Os
3 – The Clap
4 – Childstar
5 – Jellybones
6 – Innoculate the Innocuous
7 – Haunted House

The Rosebuds

The Rosebuds manage to walk that fine line between delightfully soft melodies, and completely rocking out. Of course, even their rocking songs have some wonderful melodies, and their softer songs manage to rock out. Ah, isn’t music wonderful? So after a quick re-read of that, I realized I didn’t actually say anything about their music. Maybe…The Wrens trying to re-write Arcade Fire songs?

Blue Bird

Sadly, I couldn’t find mp3s for my favorite Rosebuds songs. However, you can find most of them on their myspace profile. I suggest “Boys Who Love Girls” and “Boxcar” Anyone who has mp3s of these, would be my hero ;)

The Go! Team

So I received The Go! Team’s album, Thunder, Lightning, Strike, in the mail two days ago and my first thought was “didn’t this album come out last year?” Well, thankfully this post over at Scenestars cleared stuff up for me. I seem to have forgotten that The Go! Team are from the UK, and therefore any copies in the US would be imported – so it’s going to have to be released in the US (October 4th) to appease both sides of the Atlantic. While I wasn’t very versed in The Go! Team’s album (I was only familiar with a couple tracks), it looks like there are two new songs on the US release. Either way, this is surely one to snag while you can.

Get It Together

CYHSY, MAPC, Vanderslice Head Up KEXP Benefit

On October 1st, KEXP is putting on a benefit* with Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, The Math and Physics Club, The National, M83, and John Vanderslice. The whole shebang will be taking place at Neumo’s in Seattle, with a tentative kick-off around 5pm. It’s 21+, sadly, but those of you who are of age can snag tickets here. For those of you who, like myself, aren’t able to booze it up, they’ll be doing live radio sets through the whole day, so hit up KEXP’s studio time table for more details.

Also, donate to KEXP and they might send you to see Beck, The Arcade Fire, The Flaming Lips and The Shins. Way to encourage charity, fellas. (link)

*after a little digging around KEXP’s site, it turns out the “benefit” will be giving money to *drumroll* KEXP! Haha. Not that this is dishonest or anything, but I just found it a little silly to call it a “benefit” when you’re just funding yourself.

John Vanderslice sure does have a lot of US/Europe tour dates. Check ’em out.
Kevin, of MAPC, now has a new baby girl named Willow. Pretty cute, huh?

The Winks

The Winks are quite the puzzle. Just like the Magnetic Fields or The Robot Ate Me, they’re minimalists when it comes to songwriting; but still manage to achieve a wide-sweeping, grandeous sound. Actually, “Snakes” reminds me a bit of something that could have come out of a musical. Perhaps Sweeney Todd? But either way, I’d definetely suggest that you grab these up.

Crime Scene

Tons more MP3s at The Winks’ Music Page