The Motel Beds

Part two of my “moving to college so I’ll post old bands that I’ve already talked about but still love” theme is one of my favorites. Hailing from Dayton, The Motel Beds might just be what you needed to hear today. Aw, shoot. Lemme just quote what I said about them last time.

These crazy kids have been my treat of the day. They feel like they could be Modest Mouse’s younger, more pop-oriented, brothers. Their lyrics are memorable and impressive and they truely have a firm grip of what it is to write a pop song -me a couple months ago

Talkin’ Sh*t
Ultra Maroon

Their EP is available for download in their media section.

It’s almost 3am and I can’t sleep. I’m pretty excited to be moving back in to the lovely University of Kentucky. In my next couple days, I hope to catch local band Big Fresh at a welcome party and set up a meeting with the fine folks at The Dame. Fruit Bats are playing here very soon and I’ve just GOT to be a part of that. Also, Monday I think Andrew and I might be making the trek to Newport to see Thunderbirds Are Now! Hopefully they’ll be just as awesome as they were the last two times I saw them.

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  1. I completely missed your original post about these guys. They sound great. A review over at Splendid says file between Ween and the Beatles.

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