Download Ted Leo’s Beatles Cover

Remember how excited we were when the Rubber Soul covers album was announced? What about how let down we all were when Sufjan’s “What Goes On” cover leaked? Well, this might very well be the first good track from the album. “Looking Through You” sounds a bit like Ted’s earlier work, but it’s still got his usual flair. Enjoy!

Stream it here (real media)

MP3: Ted Leo – Looking Through You

Eventually, you can buy it from Razor and Tie

Also, don’t forget about the new Ted Leo song featured over here.


I’ll swear up and down that the Tullycraft that I listened to months ago is not the Tullycraft that I gave a second chance today. My formerly hardened heart was broken by luscious melodies and full bodied tunes. How could I not have liked “Cowgirls on Parade?” It’s so simple that it should be used teach songwriting to indie-superstar hopefuls.

Cowgirls on Parade
Our Days in Kansas
Superboy and Supergirl

Also, here’s some Lexington news for those of you fortunate enough to live in the Bluegrass:
-The Dame is undergoing serious changes. Nearly every staff member quit recently in response to some of their corporate owner’s idea to chance to a primarily hip-hop oriented venue. The Dame’s future is up in the air at the moment.
-The wonderful Mikey P over at WRFL is putting together a news program that’ll air every Wednesday. I’ve been fortunate enough to have been asked to help out with some interviews and news bits. With any luck, this’ll be as awesome as it sounds.

An End to the RIAA’s Reign of Terror?

For those of you who haven’t yet year about Patricia Santangelo, the single mother of five who is fighting back against the RIAA – I suggest you check out this article.

Now that we’re all familiar with that event, let’s move on to an interesting post made on Boing Boing today. According to Patricia’s lawyers, this might signal an end to lawsuits that (so far) have resulted in zero convitions and thousands of out of court settlements. Her lawyer said that because he is confident that he will win and recoup her fee from the RIAA, his firm should be able to represent a lot more people. Then the RIAA should realize that they can’t just pressure people into settlements – at least that’s the idea.

For far more in depth coverage than I could offer, I point you to three places:
Boing Boing
Recording Industry vs The People

Personally I’m really interested to see how this is going to turn out. I can’t deny that downloading music from anywhere not sponsored by record label or band is definetely of questionable legality. However, I don’t think it’s this big, evil thing that the RIAA would like to make it out to be. Your thoughts?

This One Goes Out To

whoever is responsible for the air conditioning being out in Kirwan Tower. I’m sweating just sitting here at the computer. My roommate has been sleeping on the floor because “heat rises, you know.” We’re all dying and I don’t think anyone cares. So to celebrate another night waking up in a pool of sweat, here are some heat inspired tracks. Feel free to leave other inspiring ‘hot’ tunes in the comments.

MP3: VHS or Beta – Night on Fire
One of the best things to come out of Kentucky in years, VHS or Beta were making dance punk 80s style before it was the cool thing to do. While this song is more likely to be steaming up a dance floor, it’s still nice to think about when I’m burning alive.

MP3: Liars – Mister, You’re on Fire, Mister
This is a Peel track from their 2002 session. If you’re unfamiliar with them, think if Mclusky got in a fist fight with the Violent Femmes…and won.

Also, note that I managed not to post “Burning Down the House.” How, I don’t know.

EDIT: Fixed the Liars link!

The Minders

Why The Minders aren’t among the more famous Elephant 6 bands is beyond me. They’ve got the poppy songwriting of The Apples in stereo and the layered, beautiful instrumentation of Of Montreal. But yet I’m usually met with blank stares when I bring them up in conversation. Originally formed by Martyn Leaper, Tammy Ealom (now of Dressy Bessy), with a dash of help from Robert and Hilarie (now of The Apples in stereo), Minders seemed poised to be the most successful band on the E6 roster. Allegedly, the Minders’ “Come On & Hear” single was the fastest selling in Elephant 6 history! Since that time, The Minders have gone through numerous label changes and even more line-up changes. But through it all, they’ve managed to craft some pretty spiffy little pop gems.

Golden Street
I’m So Low

Sufjan To Appear on Buckley Covers Album

In what could be the busiest year for any musician ever, Sufjan Stevens will now be appearing on Dream Brother, a compilation of Jeff and Tim Buckley covers. It’s coming out on Oct 3rd on British label, Full Time Hobby. I can promise you that I’ll be searching the ‘net for this as soon as it leaks. Hopefully you all will alert me if you should find it first.

Dream Brother – The Songs of Jeff and Tim Buckley
1. The Magic Numbers – Sing A Song For You
2. Micah P. Hinson – Yard Of Blonde Girls
3. Sufjan Stevens – She Is
4. King Creosote – Grace
5. The Earlies – I Must Have Been Blind
6. Bitmap – Dream Brother
7. Engineers – Song To The Siren
8. Adem – Mojo Pin
9. Tunng – No Man Can Find The War
10. Stephen Fretwell – Morning Theft
11. Kathryn Williams – Buzzin’ Fly
12. Matthew Herbert & Dani Siciliano – Everybody Here Wants You
13. Clayhill – The River

(thanks to Justin of Good Records!)

For more details, check out the All Good Naysayers Forums.

The Clumsy Lovers

Try, if you will, to imagine an even more country version of Clem Snide. The image you just held in your mind probably looked a bit like The Clumsy Lovers. I suppose the Kentuckian in me loves them because they’re bluegrass/folk music made by CANADIANS. Also, I can’t help but shake the Dave Matthews feeling when I listen to their music. Don’t worry, though. It’s the good (old) Matthews sound.

Better Me

pse: Though it’s not listed on their tour page, TCL will be playing at The Dame on October 24th in Lexington, KY. Openers are the spectacular Locksley!

I Don’t Have to Take This Crap From a Gimp

Holy Crap! New Ted Leo song! (via) It’s a live version, but still..

Jacky White to pen new Coke ad? (again, via)

Polyphonic Spree preview two new tracks on their myspace profile. I was never a big PS fan, but I really dig these new ones. (via)

For those of you QC readers, who’s loving this new story arc? Marten’s mom is a fetish dom? Hah!

The new PBF comic is mildly entertaining. Check it out here.

Locksley will be opening for The Clumsy Lovers on October 24th at The Dame (in Lexington, KY). I’m super pumped to have helped bring these guys to LexVegas. If you live in the city, are female and aren’t excited…you probably haven’t seen this photo.

Also, in Lexington news – The Apples in stereo are still playing that free show in Lexington at Busters. I’ll be bringing my camera and hope to capture a new song or two.

We Are Scientists Video for “Inaction”

Apparently this is old news (the website says July 7th, ouch), but not even the hit that my ego is taking will keep me from posting about it. If even one person hadn’t seen this video, then I did my job. So rather than posting a comment about how late this is, ask yourself why you didn’t tell me about it. …Jerks*

A couple months ago, We Are Scientists said they wanted to try to do a video for every song on their upcoming album, With Love and Squalor. Well, what I thought was a cute joke might actually be coming true. We’ve already seen their hilarious videos for “Great Escape” and “Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt” but now the third of my three favorite songs is getting the treatment.

Watch the “Inaction” video here

Also, our boys will be featured on the soundtrack for the video game Burnout: Revenge! (link)

*just kidding, I love you all