So it looks like I spoke too soon. The Pitchfork folk aren’t allowing camcorders into Intonation. I emailed them back asking if it’s okay if I have the band’s permission (Chris Funk of the Decemberists seemed keen on the idea of me taping it). However it’s highly unlikely that I’ll be taping anything this weekend. To make up for it though, I might try to get off work tomorrow and go see Marbles in Lexington. It’s a long shot but I really want to try it out. Also, I’m seeing if I can’t get me and my friends into the Bishop Allen/We Are Scientists show in Chicago.

So because so many of you were nice and commented with the band that you’d most like me to record, I’m going to do my best today to make it up to you for the false alarm.

For starters, why don’t you waste your life playing Heli Attack 3?

NOTE: The photo is Kristine in London with a YANP sign. Click on it to see a bigger photo.

5 thoughts on “Ugh”

  1. Pwhahaha – and who gets credit for showing you that highly addicting piece of online flash game goodness?

    Thanks for rubbing in the fact that you’re going to a concert date the Scientists DIDNT cancel =(….

  2. i wanted to see marbles so bad! but couldn’t, the dame won’t let me in (under 21)… sucks. ah well, the castanets are playing at the ice house, so i’ll be going to that instead.
    have fun at the marbles concert, if you go!

  3. hey, bishop allen and we are scientists played in dayton last night, but i missed em. lame, eh? in elbo’s too, super cozy venue.

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