Decemberists, Shins to Take Part in Burn to Shine Documentary

If you aren’t familiar with Burn to Shine, let me clarify. Burn to Shine takes artists in a certain area and records them performing in an old house. After they’re done, they burn down the house. I’ve always wanted to purchase Volume 1, which took place in D.C. and featured Ted Leo and Q and Not U, but I haven’t found it for a reasonable price. Volume 2 is in Chicago and is currently in the editing stage. Well, Volume 3 is where the real treat lies. The Shins posted this on their website:

We just shot a live performance of Saint Simon for Volume 3 of Burn To Shine. Burn To Shine is an ongoing series of films shot of different bands from a particular region showing up to perform one song live without overdubs or corrections, in a house that is about to be demolished. The DVDs show the bands playing, then the house being destroyed. Its the brainchild of Brendan Canty from Fugazi, who oversees the entire production. Volume 1, Washington DC, includes Q and not U, Ted Leo, and Bob Mould. Volume 2 (Chicago) has Wilco, Tortoise, and Shellac, among others. The one we just did will feature The Thermals and The Decemberists, as well as other portland artists. It was a great experience, and it was also just amazing to meet Brendan and Joe from Fugazi. This DVD will be available in the fall.

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