Ben Lee Covers “Float On”

Another attempt of mine to make up for the false alarm of taping Intonation. Here’s a studio copy of Ben Lee’s cover of the Modest Mouse hit Float On.

MP3: Ben Lee – Float On

NOTE: This didn’t deserve its own post, but I got interviewed by Northwestern University about Intonation. They used the weirdest quotes of mine, including a bit about Diplo peeing in WRFL’s station manager’s yard.

8 thoughts on “Ben Lee Covers “Float On””

  1. that’s pretty funny about diplo peeing in your friend’s yard. you should definitely check him out at intonation though.

  2. For anyone looking for that elusive copy of Sufjan’s Illinoise – I realized a bunch of stores still sell first copies, Superman and all.

  3. head of femur annoyed the shit out of me when i saw them open up for wilco in memphis. was that a weird quote? have fun at intonation. chicago is my most favorite of cities.

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