New Decemberists Tour Dates

Hey kids. First of all, are all my London readers okay? I woke up late today so I missed most of the news, but I think I have the general info now. I’m very sorry to hear about the attacks and my prayers go out to the families and friends of anyone who was injured or killed.

But yeah…those Decemberists dates. You can find those here. I’m thinking about trying to make it to the Cincinnati one. I have so many Decemberists fans with me at UK that I’m sure I can convince someone to make the trek with me. As for supporting acts, it looks like I’ll be catching them with Cass McCombs (who?) and other lucky stiffs will get Sons and Daughters or even *gasp* Built To Spill (Texans only).

In related news, it looks like the schedule for the Austin City Limits has been posted. My favorite time conflict is Arcade Fire playing the same time as Jason Mraz. They sure know how to separate the hipsters from the teenyboppers in Texas!

Also, don’t forget that the Decemberists will be playing on Conan O’Brien July 12! Link. I’m betting they play either 16 Military Wives or The Sporting Life.

9 thoughts on “New Decemberists Tour Dates”

  1. they won’t be playing either 16 military wives or the sporting life. nate plays electric bass on both of those, and he said he’s bringing the upright.

  2. my guess would be engine driver or we both go down together. i know he used the upright for both of those but can’t remember all of the ones he used it for.

  3. No my friend, word is…Built To Spill will be here in Indy at The Vogue on October 7th…you should plan on making the trip up.

  4. oh, solo I mean, not opening for the Decemberists…that would be shveeps. Anyhoo, you should come to that BTS show up here anyway.

  5. ugh! there’s no michigan date!!!!!!

    this makes me sad. i might have to road trip it to chicago this fall. :(

    thank you for the good word matt.

  6. Yo… Matt, see about ripping that Conan appearance, as I leave this Monday! Yet I’d love to see the performance… maybe if you could download the ep of that conezone site and then send it to me later…

    Also, for the record, Mraz is NOT just for teenyboppers. At all. He’s a respectable coffehouse-type lyricist who can have an amazing live show in the right context… it’s just the record label puts out poppier versions of his songs…

  7. i second nathaniel’s second paragraph… don’t knock him before you try him. though, i have to admit, his shows tend to be filled with the most annoyingly screechy girls.

  8. I saw Cass McCombs open for the Shins last year and I quite liked them. I bought the CD

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