Architecture in Helsinki Instore Video

This is the “something amazing” that I spoke of not too long ago. This is Architecture in Helsinki performing at an instore appearance at a record store. If the setting looks familiar, it’s because it’s the same store that the Kevin Barnes appeared at – Waterloo Records. I’ve never been there, but I like it already. Anyways, let me say a little about the video. The quality’s pretty good; it’s been converted from DVD to AVI to WMV, so it’s lost a bit. If you want the DVD, the torrent is still active here. Also, let it be noted that the stage is WAY too small for AiH. As they say in the video, it’s a bit cramped. So if you’ve never seen them live, don’t judge their performance on this video. In fact, if you haven’t seen them live, what’s your excuse, eh?

WMV: Architecture In Helsinki Live At Waterloo Records -Austin, Tx June 22, 2005 (164mb)
1. Intro
2. It’5
3. The Owls Go
4. In Case We Die
5. Frenchy, I’m Faking
6. Tiny Paintings
7. Maybe You Can Owe Me
8. Do The Whirlwind

6 thoughts on “Architecture in Helsinki Instore Video”

  1. waterloo records in austin? great store, super-friendly staff.

    i always end up there the day after SXSW music has ended, in a haze.

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