The Unicorns – Three Inches of Blood

Let me preface this with some words. If you love the Unicorns and are interested in what they sounded like before Who Will Cut… then this is for you. If you’ve never listened to the Unicorns before and don’t listen to any experimental or avant garde music, stay away from this. I’m told that 3″ of Blood was given out to club owners who let them play shows. Also, I think they were made on CD-Rs that Alden stole. Oh the glorious history of the Unicorns!

The Unicorns – 3 Inches of Blood (rar)
01 Intro
02 Jellybones
03 Segue
04 Do the Knife Fight
05 The Unicorns:2014
06 Ebb Tide, Azure Sky
07 Down on the Corner
08 Peach Moon

NOTE: I think Unicorns Are People Too is the better pre-Alien 8 release, but I’m going in order here. Also, if things go my way, I’ll be having something amazing to put up in the next day or so. This means that you should download this and the Kevin Barnes video very quickly!

6 thoughts on “The Unicorns – Three Inches of Blood”

  1. This is awesome! Thank you so much. I looked on your previous post and saw a Unicorns bootleg posted…any chance of some more Unicorns stuff? Much appreciated!


  2. This is excelletnt!

    That mp3 of “i do(it)” got me a huge unicorn high and I realized how good they were.

  3. does anybody else’s MP3 of “ebb tide, azure sky” skip? i didn’t realize MP3s could skip, but sure enough mine does.

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